Roar – The Video That Should Have Been


Katy Perry’s anthem of a song “Roar” has been used to inspire so many people since it was released a few months ago. There have been countless inspiring videos of terminally ill and recovering ill children and adults who use the song to give them hope through recovery. That’s why I love the song, it is so much more than the actual music video gives it credit for.

Yesterday I found this version of Roar. It’s a burlesque’s dancer’s take on the song, using it as a body empowerment anthem. I sat at my desk watching this video and couldn’t look away. Sure her dancing might not be top notch (give the girl a break she’s tap dancing on a piece of plywood) but that is not the point of this. Neither is the fact that she is taking her clothes off (which is a part of burlesque dancing). The point of this video is that she doesn’t care about her size, she knows she is beautiful and she loves to dance, so she does. She completely radiates confidence throughout the dance and I love her for that. It takes a lot of belief in yourself to be that confident with your own body. She literally rips the words “cellulite” and “suck it in” off her body and throws them to the ground. It’s awesome and I think more women and men need to watch and learn from this girl. She’s doing it right.

Happy Friday, you’re beautiful, love yourself.

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