Thanksgiving 2013: Things I’m Thankful For


Thankful List

Last year I made two lists for Thanksgiving, one that was a Sarah Thankful list, the other a Serious Thankful List. This year I will be doing the same. I hope everyone is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by my favorite thing in the world, the ugly dog show. Eat, drink and be merry everyone. Oh, and give thanks. That would be nice too.

Sarah List

  1. My vinyl player. That thing is a gift from the gods.
  2. Jetta. Thank you for never failing me and accepting me singing terrible pop songs at the top of my lungs.
  3. DVR. Thank you for holding so many treasures within your magical box.
  4. Etsy. Thank you for changing my life and bringing me the mugs that will deliver me into the promised land.
  5. Yerba Mate tea. Thanks for waking my ass up in the morning.
  6. Oprah. Because she’s OPRAH and everyone should be grateful that she has blessed us with her presence.
  7. Spotify. Thank you for getting me through the work days.
  8. Thick socks. Because I’m freezing my ass of at home. Thank you socks.
  9. Contacts. Thanks for making me not blind.
  10. Tumblr. Thank you for providing me with endless laughs and entertainment. Even though in actuality I’m probably laughing at jokes made by 15 year olds.
  11. Netflix. Thank you for being my best friend during Funemployment.
  12. The SF Giants. Thanks for giving me something to love and believe in during sports season.
  13. Hair dye. Thanks for being there for me when I want to do something impulsive but not too drastic.
  14. All of the blogs I read on the daily, especially Buzzfeed. Thank you for getting me through the mornings, afternoons and early evenings at the office.
  15. My leather journal. Thank you for being home to many, many of my words.

Serious List

  1. Mama, Dad and Little Brother. You guys are my everything. I’m so happy to be home with you this weekend. Jarod – I’m ready to kick you ass at Scrabble.
  2. My beautiful kitty Bella for being so cuddly.
  3. My best friends. You all know who you are, thank you for being in my life and accepting me – horrible jokes and all.
  4. The little voice in my head that has returned to me and continuously tells me to write, write, write. Even if it is a giant pile of shit.
  5. The way life has turned out in the past year. Even reading my Thankful List from last year I can see how much has changed – for the better.
  6. This blog. Thanks for being the one stable relationship in my life the past year. I love you word vomit.

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