Jelly Beans


My brother sent this video to my dad, who then sent it to me. I absolutely love it. This guy shows you the average time you have in your life according to jelly beans. Each bean represents one day you are alive. The Average American will live about 28 thousand days. The rest of the video goes on to explain how many days are spent doing things like working, sleeping, eating, grooming, you get it. The last question though, is what do we do with the remaining days – the extra time we have left after the normal human stuff.

I had a few different thoughts come up when I watched this. If you had shown me this two years ago I probably would have freaked out and had a nervous breakdown that I was doing everything in my life wrong. But watching it right now as a 22 and a half year old after getting through college, I’m kind of okay with it. I’m happy where I am at this exact moment in my life, with what I’m doing with my life and with who I have in my life. I’m not so concerned about stressing about how little time I have left in jelly beans, but excited at what I can do with those days.

If you’re reading this and beginning to have an anxiety attack after watching that video, take a deep breath and stop. Even if you don’t have a clue where you’re going in life it’s going to be okay. There are quarter life crisis’ and mid life crisis’ for a reason but it’s your choice if it’s actually going to be a crisis, or if it’s going to be taking your life in a new, better direction. Choose to make it the latter option. There is always time to find a new dream and chase it whether you’re 23, 37 or 52. There’s always time and more importantly, there’s always jelly beans.


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