I don’t know about you, but I’m freezing my ass off as I write this. (For the record, I’m also still feeling 22.)

I don’t know what LA thinks it is doing, but this freezing cold is not something I remember about Southern California this time last year. I mean it gets a little chilly, like 60 degrees MAX. But waking up to 36 degrees is not something I would like to keep experiencing.

Blood thinning is REAL depending on where you live. Your body adapts to the temperature outside and thins your blood accordingly. Since I’ve been in Southern California the past 5 years I would venture to say my blood is VERY THIN.

WAIT time out. As I’m writing this I actually just Googled “blood thinning in cold weather” and it’s all lies. I don’t want to retract my previous statement because then I would be lying to the Internet and acting like a priss who knows everything (as most everyone already does) and I refuse to do that when I have learned something new. So I guess your blood doesn’t thin, but your body does acclimate to different climates and retains a different amount of body fat if you live in colder weather.

Bottom line – I AM FREEZING. Los Angeles needs to stop being a little rebel child with this cold weather and go back to being an endless summer.


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