It’s only Thursday morning, but I woke up and prayed it was Friday already. Sadly, it was not. Last night I made another huge round of mugs that are going out this morning and as I was sitting there stamping my notes, wrapping the mugs and taping up the boxes, I realized how happy these stupid mugs make me. When I ship them out, I feel like Santa Claus delivering presents. Knowing that I’m helping someone either give or receive a little mug as a gift with their favorite lyric or quote makes me so happy. Just to be a part of that joy, even if it is minuscule, is a very good feeling.

So as much of a love-hate relationship these mugs have been over the holiday season with the late hours spent tracking them, painting them, and shipping them, I know it’s totally worth it in the end. When I think about how much I love giving gifts to others over the holidays and then realize that I am involved in that transaction for hundred of others worldwide, it’s kind of amazing.

Have fun traveling the world my little mug babies. I hope many people enjoy their favorite cup of coffee or tea with you over the holidays.

PS another random/cool/slightly creepy fact – lots of people now have my handwriting in their houses because of these mugs.

PPS you can check out my Etsy store by clicking here or on the little Etsy icon in my sidebar to the right.

you're my person mug

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