Spotify: December 2013


Here is my December Spotify playlist. A little heavy on the Florida Georgia Line (because I saw them live a few weekends ago) and everything else is kind of a mashup of random genres. One day all I’ll listen to is Sara Bareilles, another day all I’ll listen to is the Eagles on vinyl. All of it is good, all of it is needed.

PS I have also been listening to the new Beyonce album (who hasn’t unless you’ve been living under a rock) but it is not available on Spotify until next week. Current favorite is XO.)

Favorite song overall: We Remain – Christina Aguilera (I just discovered this song from the Hunger Games soundtrack last night and have had it on repeat constantly.)

Songs to dance to:  Party People – FGL, Take It Easy – Eagles, Little Bird – Ed Sheeran

Songs to cry to: Make You Feel My Love – Adele, Wake Me Up – Ed Sheeran, Gravity – Sara Bareilles.

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