Infinity Rooms


Every once in a while you find something here on Earth that makes you believe in magic. Not the kind of magic where you giggle after being tricked and teased, but the kind of magic that makes your jaw fall to the floor because something is so beautiful and you can feel a different energy swirling around.

(Note: In the next paragraph I’m specifically talking about the room with the tiny lights, not the one with the giant squiggly things. To be honest, that one reminds me a bit of the Mat Hatter world and creeps me out a bit.)

I would give anything to go to New York and see this art exhibit because just looking at the photos makes me believe in magic. They are called Infinity Rooms and they were created by the artist named Yayoi Kusama. From what I understand, you take a walk through a room that is filled with mirrors and little lights, giving the illusion of walking through infinity. People have had mixed reactions from what I’ve read – some feel claustrophobic and come storming out of the room, and some have a great experience and walk out elated.

I think the concept is incredible. The thought that you could take a walk into infinity, just yourself and thousands of tiny lights. Check out some of the photos below and see the magic for yourself.

Infinity Room1

Infinity Room2

Infinity Room3

(All photos via Colossal and Design Bloom.)

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