TwentySeven Things: December 2013


I know, I know, my last post was on Christmas – it’s been a few days. But you know what? I’m actually okay with missing a few days because those days were spent at home with my family being a smart ass and having a lot of fun.

This is a few days overdue, but here are my TwentySeven Things for December 2013.

twenty seven logo word doc REVISED 2013

  1. I made two rounds of candy cane bark this year. It was a hit both at work and with friends.
  2. Infinity Rooms.
  3. I was on my A-game this year as far as presents. I had all my gifts purchased (minus a few family ones) by the 17th of December. This has never happened before. You can consider that a Christmas miracle.
  4. I played Scrabble with my brother both over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I sense this is going to be a new tradition.
  5. For Christmas every year, I am usually in charge of making the tags for the presents. I take that opportunity to have some fun with my task. This year we all got presents from Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Kanye West and a few other pop culture superstars. Oh and let’s not forget Jesus.
  6. I went and saw Florida Georgia Line earlier this month. My lifelong dream of holding my arms out like an airplane during Cruise finally came true.
  7. Beyonce dropped a surprise album on everyone. My current jam in the car is XO.
  8. I’ve watched Love Actually about 8 times this month alone.
  9. My lunch time routine has switched from salad to soup in this cold weather. I know, I’m extremely fascinating.
  10. Taylor Swift had her birthday this month. I fangirled just a little bit on Twitter.
  11. Speaking of music, I wrote a post about music taste.
  12. I discovered something this month – I have driving moccasins. Shoes I keep in the car just for driving. In other news, I am Schmidt from New Girl.
  13. One of my bosses got me two boxes of macaroons for Christmas. If someone would have captured my reaction I’m pretty sure I would have looked like a 5-year-old. Best present evaaaaa.
  14. I had a little epiphany about time this month.
  15. With all the TV shows on hiatus, I finally had time to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy while I was gift wrapping this month. SHONDA RHIMES WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY EMOTIONS.
  16. Katy Perry and John Mayer made a music video and my heart burst into tiny love shaped pieces.
  17. I learned a very important lesson about climate.
  18. Anthropologie and Madewell made a lot of money off me this month. They should send me a giftcard or something HINT HINT.
  19. I had to buy new makeup this month. Makeup that was one shade off from being actually white. I am so pale. I AM SO PALE AND IT IS WINTER AND COLD AND I DON’T LIKE IT.
  20. Everyone needs to watch these kids in the landfill harmonic.
  21. I found a Beach Boys 50th reunion concert on TV while I was home. I sat there and watched as these now old timers jammed out to some of my favorite songs.
  22. My mug sales went through the roof this month. I would like to thank anyone who bought them. I never expected any of this and it’s awesome.
  23. Santa brought me a new yoga mat and towel and I AM SO EXCITED TO USE THEM.
  24. Speaking of yoga, I haven’t been to class in over 10 days. I’m about to get my ass kicked in 8 hours.
  25. I spent 9 days at home and had the best time. I wish I had more time to go home. Basically I wish teleporting or apparating was real.
  26. My mama and I made tamales! And then I forgot to pack some to bring back to LA with me. Most tragic story of my December.
  27. I bought my brother and I these sweaters. Best purchase of my life.


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