Hello 2014, You Look Quite Pretty


I’m very very very excited for 2014. Fresh starts always make me feel anxious and excited and full of adrenaline – the best kind of drug. This is the first year where I don’t have anything solid planned. Without school as the main identity in my life, I’m roaming free like a little bird, letting the wind take me where it may. I’m looking forward to seeing which direction I’ll be headed this year.

As I said last year, I hate New Years resolutions. It’s better to make a list of wishes rather than things you’re never going to follow through on. This year was a transition year for me in more ways than one so I think it’s only fitting that my 2014 list continues to help me in that transition.

Dear 2014 Sarah, here is a list of wishes from 2013 Sarah. Have an amazing year. And if you’re ever having a bad day, put on some Fleetwood Mac vinyl and dig a bottle out of the secret wine stash.


  1. Get on a plane and fly out of the country.
  2. Paint more.
  3. Expand your vinyl collection. Flea markets galore.
  4. Learn to play guitar. And maybe even piano too.
  5. Keep doing yoga. It’s the best thing you’ve done for your health this year.
  6. Continue on your transitional journey, you know the one we’re talking about. I feel like we’re in the home stretch here and every thing is going to continue to get better and better.
  7. Go to a winery and take a tour. Maybe rent a party bus and take everyone you know.
  8. Go to more concerts, even if you’re broke. Dance like your life depends on it.
  9. Take a vacation, even if it’s just a two hour drive away for a weekend trip.
  10. Keep being impulsive. Even if it gets you in trouble sometimes, keep trusting your gut.
  11. BONUS: My biggest wish for 2014 Sarah is to be more confident about expressing feelings whether it be in writing, talking, frolicking, anything. Know you as a person are enough in everything you do.

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