Hodgepodge Friday


Yesterday felt like Monday after having two days off for the New Year so today feels extra special since it’s FRIDAYYYYY. Happy weekend ladies & gents. Here’s a random list of things happening in my life right now.

  • I think I danced too much on New Years because here I am, two days later and I still can’t really move my calves. It feels like I did 70,000 calf raises in my sleep.
  • I woke up with a bit of a sore throat this morning so today you’ll find me guzzling down tea every second of the day.
  • I am slowly getting back into my yoga routine and my body has never been happier.
  • My new favorite website is Ruche. It’s kind of like an Anthropologie but a little more budget friendly. I may or may not have just ordered about 7 things. May or may not.
  • I’m currently reading the book Wild and loving it so far. Super inspiring. Makes me want to run away and go change the world. PS it was also an Oprah’s Book Club pick so you know if Oprah picks it, it has to be amazing – because Oprah is law.
  • I started watching a new British TV show called Fresh Meat. It’s my new favorite thing and I can’t stop laughing when I watch it. It’s like the InBetweeners but with kids at Uni. EVERYONE GO WATCH NOW.
  • I bought a crock pot over holiday and this weekend I’m planning on testing it out by attempting to make something and pretending to be an adult. If you follow my Pinterest, you’ll see that I’ve been pinning a lot of foods for crock pot use, sorry I’m not sorry.

Here are some of my prettiest Pinterest pins for the week. (Sorry, I really like alliteration. But not really sorry at all.)

foyer bells princess dressgood for the soul

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