Sick Child Weekend


My grand plans for this weekend of hiking and eating out with friends and cooking in my new crock pot did not happen. Instead, I moved back and forth from my bed to the couch because I was sick. I would go through spurts of feeling exhausted to having a bit of energy, so on my “ups” I would try to clean/rearrange the apartment. I moved my bedroom around a bit and love the way it turned out – the space feels open and refreshed after living here for almost two years. I’m in the process of doing the same to the living room but unfortunately halfway through one of my “up” energy spurts, my energy crashed and I ended up leaving the living room in slight disarray.

Things I did do this weekend:

  1. Assemble a new dresser from Ikea. I think the thought of not finishing this project and letting Ikea win yet another home furnishing battle is what kept pushing me onward.
  2. I watched all three series of Fresh Meat. I’m obsessed and I need more ASAP.
  3. I ordered a few things from the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale. Psssssst, better hurry before everything is gone.
  4. I made a new nightstand out of my old luggage pieces. Again, during an “up” energy spurt.
  5. I made grilled cheese for more than one meal. Who says soup is the only food a sick person needs?
  6. I made more mugs. Real shocker, I know.
  7. I found a stream to watch the new Sherlock season. Mind was fucked 5 minutes into the first episode.

Since I stayed home all weekend, here are some of my favorite Pinterest pictures that reminded me what the world looked like outside of my apartment walls.

Outside Wedding Canopy Japanese Style House Cherry Blossoms - ParisArt Feeling


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