Crystal Voyage


During the Monday holiday, I decided to run a few errands in the valley and one of these errands put me in Burbank. Before heading home, I decided to stop at Yogurtland (my favorite) and wander around downtown to look at the shops – something I’ve haven’t done once in the two years I’ve lived in the valley. I’ve driven through downtown to go to the movies or Ikea or the mall and even had my 22nd birthday dinner at the Mexican restaurant hidden around the corner but I’ve never just wandered.

Toward the end of my wandering I walked into a little store that looked like a hodge podge of everything. They had clothing and purses and furniture and jewelry and candles and pretty things. As I made my way through the store I saw a ring with amber stones. I’m not usually an amber person but for some reason it caught my eye. I decided to buy it for myself as a treat and a reminder to keep pushing myself this year – to be more confident in the things I choose to do.

crystal voyage

It wasn’t until I was in the car putting the ring on that I discovered it had a name written on the tag.

Crystal Voyage.

I am a huge believer in signs from the universe and this one couldn’t have slapped me harder in the face if it tried. Voyage is defined as a long journey, usually across the seas. The ring is literally called “journey” which couldn’t be more perfect if it tried.

I think I’m going to be a little ambitious here and add “voyage” to my 2014 wish list. Every time I’m feeling a little bit anxious or nervous or terrified of doing something, I’m going to look down at my hand for the ring and trust myself. It’s a good little reminder that it’s all going to end up being okay – and that it’s okay to fall flat on your face a few times.

Here’s to the voyage that is 2014.

art of fielding

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