TwentySeven Things: January 2014


It’s the 27th of January which means it’s time for a wrap up of the past month. (I’ll be doing my Grammy recap tomorrow.)


twenty seven logo word doc REVISED 2013

  1. I started 2014 out with some of my best friends and a midnight pool jump. My first brave/fearless endeavor of the year.
  2. Speaking of New Years, I shot off a glitter canon that was actually more of a glitter poof. I amped it up just a little too much.
  3. Sherlock came back with season 3 and everyone died over that window jump followed by hair fluff in episode 1.
  4. I was horribly ill at the beginning of the month and spent two days in bed watching movies.
  5. The Bachelor came back with a new season for Juan-uary. I’m in a huge pool with my co-workers. May the best Juan win.
  6. The Mindy Project tweeted me during the an episode a few weeks ago which I chose to take as Mindy talking to me personally so now I know Mindy Kaling.
  7. I read a few new books including Wild, the Divergent series, The Art of Fielding and am just about to start The Interestings.
  8. Reading all my new books caused me to post this.
  9. The Coachella lineup came out and it’s rad. However I will not be attending because ticket prices are RIDIC. Get over yourselves you pretentious hipsters.
  10. I took a Tracy Anderson workout class and had one of the hardest workouts of my life. I’m definitely #TeamTracy and drinking her Kool-Aid.
  11. I word vomited for the first time in a while.
  12. I went to the Rose Bowl flea market and scored some new vinyl. Also MASSIVELY scored at the Long Beach flea which I was not expecting but pleasantly surprised at.
  13. Christine McVie re-joined Fleetwood Mac and it’s some of the best music news I’ve heard in years. I may or may not have cried a little when I read the official announcement.
  14. I started a new project called Creative Months. I’m not done with the Rolling Stones this month so the next few days are crucial for music education.
  15. I ordered a bunch of new yoga clothes from Old Navy and LOVE them. Was not expecting to love but the love is just bursting out of me.
  16. Learned that if you want to have a George Clooney movie marathon, do not pick Gravity and Up In The Air as your two choices because in one he dies and in the other he is forever alone. Not good for your emotional/mental health.
  17. My brother turned seventeen this month. (Get it, I put it on number 17 because he turned 17 and I’m clever.)
  18. I’ve been on a huge Idina Menzel kick after making Let It Go my new anthem. Last week I listened to Take Me or Leave Me over 17 times in one day. ONE DAY.
  19. I dyed my hair just this past weekend. Nothing drastic, just was impulsive wanted my hair to be super dark again.
  20. Free museum day was this past weekend in LA. I hit up LACMA, MOCA, and PMCA. I feel very cultured.
  21. During my illness, I was so bored with being bored that I started revamping the apartment. I moved the bedroom around, got a new shoe organizer, finished my suitcase nightstand and (will) have all my jewelry hanging on a chicken wire frame and doorknob handles like a little Pinterest hipster.
  22. I have my new amber ring for my Crystal Voyage in 2014.
  23. I used my crock pot for the first time this month and made turkey chili. It was delicious and lasted me for a week which is awesome when you’re poor and have no money for lunch.
  24. I just bought tickets with my roommate to go see Little Mix next month. You don’t even know how excited we are to go see our favorite British girl band.
  25. I am also SEVERELY disappointed I didn’t get to go see the Eagles this past week in LA. I would have killed/given my left arm to go see those legends. (I did even post on Twitter that I was willing to negotiate my left arm in exchange for a ticket but didn’t have any takers.)
  26. This isn’t really something that happened but I hope it never gets below 70 degrees in LA. This month has been full of sunshine and I’ve loved every second.
  27. I got new earrings at the flea market too. They make me feel like Katniss.

Katniss earrings

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