Just, Just Just…..GOT PAID


Today, my anthem is this gem of a song from the early 2000’s.

Just Got Paid


Last night, I went to Jimmy Kimmel’s outdoor concert series with my roommate. Sara Bareilles performed and I got to dance in the rain while she sang I Choose You, Brave, Hercules, Eden and King of Anything. After Brave, she took over the concert and said, “okay now it’s MY show. And since you’ve been standing in the rain I think you guys are kind of die hards so we’re going to play a few of the album cuts that don’t get a lot of attention” aka Hercules and Eden. I LOVE Eden so when she sang it, I sang back every single word. She’s so quirky and cute and awesome and I really love her. Plus she has my name so we’re destined to be Sarah squared.

Bareilles Brave

This weekend I’m catching up on errands and then going to a “ladies who lunch” brunch with my friends pre-Superbowl aka pre-Bruno Mars concert. Then I’ll be heading to a house party to watch the game Bruno Mars concert and bandwagon whichever team is favored to win. I have no shame in bandwagoning football.

Happy Friday!

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