A Saturday Morning Blog Post



I’ve been totally MIA for a few reasons. 1) Earlier this week my cable AND wifi in my apartment went out which any millennial knows = DEATH. I felt like I couldn’t do anything with my life. So I went to bed at 9pm like the grandma that I am. 2) I was at a friends house for the Olympics and did not have my computer, hence more MIA-ness.

So here I sit, on a Saturday morning, in a Santa Monica Starbucks, typing away on my wireless keyboard and iPad while I eat a cup of Starbucks oatmeal (which isn’t half bad) and sip my yerba mate that I brought from home. My poor baby Jetta had to be taken in to the shop to be looked at and we’re all praying nothing horrible is wrong with her. Praying both for her sake and my wallets sake.

I’ve been in a pretty good creative headspace lately. By that I mean I’ve been actually able to finish a few things that I’ve started which is kind of a miracle in itself. I’ve also had a new revelation of what yoga means to me. Other than a killer physical workout, I’ve found yoga to be a space where I can open my creative brain. At the beginning of each class, the instructor tells you to pick a mantra or a word or a person to focus all of your positive energy onto. I’ve taken that opportunity to choose a topic I’ve been struggling to write about and made it my mantra/focus point and it’s been awesome. I get so focused on the yoga movements and breathing, that the critic voice inside of me doesn’t have time to beat down my creative voice, then allowing my creative voice to roam around the yoga studio freely and see what it can find. Yoga has also helped me to organize my thoughts rather than let them be a sphere of chaos in my brain. I’ve been able to tree branch off of one though and onto the next without nearly as much struggle as I usually face.

In conclusion, yoga has kind of not only saved me physically, but mentally and creatively too. It’s allowed me to organize and sift through ideas and concepts without judgement.

Yoga is kind of awesome. And I’m kind of obsessed. Shameless plug to Core Power Yoga as they are they shit and everyone who has a brain should join and experience the life change.





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