February Catch Up


I have a big announcement that is both happy and sad. First of all, RIP to my little Baby Jetta. She is currently on life support but will be dying in the upcoming weeks. I’ve been super nostalgic over the past few days since her diagnosis, thinking about all of the places she’s taken me in the past 7 years. She got me through high school, college and my first few years of living on my own. She has seen many laughs, tears, falls from grace and triumphs. I will miss you so much Baby Jetta, you are one of my longest relationships to date.

The other half of leaving Baby Jetta is………Sarah is getting a new car. I’ve decided on a Ford Escape so it’s just a matter of sorting out details and within the next few weeks I will have a new car. Granted it was not planned, but I’m trying to be positive and excited about having a new large purchase in my life. I already have a name in mind for the new car but I won’t be able to tell if it’s right until I see her/him. (I know it might be weird to name a car but in times of crisis or happiness it is much easier to share your tears/joy with something that has a name and considering I am driving alone most of the time, I like to feel like I’m talking to something with a name. JUDGE AWAY.)

In other news from this weekend, I watched four movies. The Wolf of Wallstreet (which was mind blowingly incredible), Drinking Buddies (okay for a weekend morning movie), The Lifeguard (very strange) and Stuck In Love (one of my new FAVORITE films – it was incredible.) I suggest watching Stuck In Love with some chocolate nearby and be prepared for very intense emotional spurts.

I’ve been compiling my February 2014 Spotify playlist over the past few days and I cannot stop listening to this song. When I was stressed out this weekend, I let my hair down and blasted this song for 10 minutes straight and just danced it out. It makes me feel young and free and awesome. Enjoy.

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