Goodbye Baby Jetta, Hello Charlie


At twenty-two years of age, I have bought my first car. The car is in my name. My name. Only me. So if I get arrested or something, this new car is now considered an asset. So my net worth just went up. YEAH GURL.

In all seriousness though, I’m still in complete shock that I have bought a car all by myself. It seems like a very grown up mature thing to have done this early in my life. But just earlier this week I was told I seem much older than I am so maybe it’s not all that strange after all.

My new car is a 2012 black Ford Escape and I have decided to name her Charlie. A girl named Charlie, and she is a badass bitch. Already driving around, I feel more like myself in this car. Baby Jetta was perfect for me in my teens and early 20’s. Small, safe, compact – everything I needed for those years of my life. Charlie is bigger, roomier, and a little bit more mature feeling – everything I need for the upcoming years of my life.

I was clearing out Baby Jetta at the dealership before I handed her over as a trade in and got very emotional. Baby Jetta and I had a lot of years of bonding in that car. She has seen me cry more than any other living or non living thing in the world. Jetta was my safe haven, where I could literally and figuratively escape from the world (which I did a few times). So by leaving her, I didn’t necessarily leave a part of myself, but I left an era of my life. The era from sixteen to twenty-two years old – a very crucial time in anyone’s life. As I was emptying out old mixed CD’s and pens and random notes from the side compartment, out fell my 2008 Notre Dame High School parking pass. I had no idea it was still even in there. But it fell out and I got a little teary. It was almost like Jetta was giving me one last reminder of our first years together. Baby Jetta will always be a huge part of my growing up and I’ll always love her. But now, it’s time for me to grow into myself in my 20’s with Charlie.

Goodbye my Baby Jetta – 7 years of love, adventures and growing up. Thanks for taking care of me.

Baby Jetta

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