Weekend Wrap Up: Oscars 2014


I herby motion for Ellen DeGenreres to host everything from now on. Pizza, fairy godmother dresses and the sefie that shook the nation. I still can’t get over the pizza. SHE ORDERED PIZZA AND THEN HANDED IT OUT. Brilliant.

I watched from a friends house last night where we started commenting and passing judgement on dresses at 4pm. Pizza was eaten, champagne was passed around and cookies were stuffed in faces. I cannot express my disappointment and extreme sadness over Leo not winning. Poor Leo, we were all pulling for you.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching Hart of Dixie (I’m finally onto Season 3), running a few errands and attending a going away party for one of my friends as she moves to the Bay Area for work.

Here are some of my favorite pictures and internet reactions to the show last night. Oh and my shirt? I made it an hour before the show in honor of Leo. Looks like I’ll still be able to use it next year SINCE HE DIDN’T WIN AGAIN.

Team Leo Leo Oscar photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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