Sunday Talk



I imagine a little chorus of cherubs singing that first line as a sort of “Hiiiiiiiiii haven’t seen you in a while and I’ve missed you.” I am back to have a little chat on my favorite day of the week. Sunday’s have been my favorite day of the week for a few years now. It used to always be Fridays and Saturdays because school would let out for the weekend, but as I’ve grown so much older and wiser in my early 20’s (ha), I’ve discovered that I enjoy Sunday’s the best because of their lackadaisical nature.

I’ve been TwentyThree for a little over a month now. I was thinking the other day that TwentyThree is the age where you are officially no longer a baby adult, but more along the lines of a toddler adult. Nineteen to TwentyTwo are the stages of a newborn baby adult. You’re relearning (or just learning for the first time) a lot of things like how to cook for yourself, how to do laundry, how to pump gas, how to budget your money etc. Now at TwentyThree I think I’m more in the toddler stage of things. I still get in trouble but I’ve been an “adult” for so long that it’s to the point where I should know better. Things like messing up my laundry, not doing the dishes, drinking too much or going to bed too late. All things a toddler adult should know by now, but still manage to mess up every once in a while.

I find myself thinking through things a little more carefully now. By no means does this mean that my usual impulsive instincts kick in all the time and I want to do things right now, it just seems I have a bit more of a grasp on it. I put a little more thought into the moves I make not only on a daily basis but in the long run as well. I think this translates as having a “game plan” rather than going into the game of Life blind and hoping things work out for the best. If I’ve learned anything it’s that nothing happens unless you do it yourself. No one is going to go out and make the first move for you.

I’m also getting more of a grasp on the type of life I want to lead. I’ve been very conscious the past few weeks about being more open-minded and putting the brakes on anything judgmental that comes through my brainwaves. The last thing anyone in this world needs is more judgement. I want to be open to new opportunities and people who come into my life, but at the same time I want to be rooted in my own truth and what I choose to believe. Weeding out negative energy that is put into the universe is something I’ve been trying to incorporate into my life in order to maintain my sanity. I’ve been doing things that I love just because I love to do them, not because someone else thinks I should or should not be doing them.

I’m trying to paint with new colors, while still holding onto the lessons that the old ones taught me. I think that’s a solid start to TwentyThree.


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