Goodbye 2014, Hello Brand New Sparkly 2015


Today is December 31, 2014. We are currently in the last few hours of 2014. The last few hours of “what did I even do this year and why did it go so fast.” As I get older, the years go by faster. I’ve slowly come to realize that small fact isn’t as fun as 8 year old Sarah imagined it being. I want time to go extra slowly throughout my 20’s.  I want to enjoy this weird chaos and constant state of unknown (as painful as it sometimes is) because I know it’s never going to be exactly like this ever again.

This year was an interesting one. I transitioned from 22 to 23 (the last year of being a baby adult), I held the same job for the entire year, I saw my favorite band twice in one week (STEVIEEEEE), I handled a lot of adult like responsibilities on my own and I also bought a lot of new socks. As lovely and weird as 2014 could be at times, I am more than ready to start 2015. I haven’t felt this settled in my home, work, and personal life probably ever. I finally feel that for the most part, I can stand on my own two feet and handle a lot of things that get thrown at me. As much as I would say that in the past five years, it hasn’t necessarily been true but now I finally like slightly less of a liar about it.

Here are a few lists because I love making lists. Also they make me feel like I can compartmentalize/organize my brain which in turn makes me feel just a tiny bit more sane.

“Adult” things I’ve done this year

  • Bought a new car (HELLO THIS IS A HUGE DEAL)
  • Bought a new laptop (HELLO THIS IS ALSO A HUGE DEAL)
  • Cancelled my cable
  • Managed to set up a new router and not destroy the internet in my apartment
  • Successfully cook banana bread on more than one occasion
  • Bought a new vacuum and actually used it more than five times

Sarah things I’ve done this year

  • Saw Fleetwood Mac/Gypsy Mother Stevie Nicks TWICE in one week
  • Proud owner of 7+ kimonos
  • Learned how to make dreamcatchers
  • Proud owner of crystals for healing, meditating and spiritual learning
  • Read lots of new fiction and poetry books
  • Completed my self given Phoenix writing project on time and was very very proud with the outcome and actual completion of a long-term project
  • Brave enough to show others things that I’ve written aka making baby baby baby strides to get over my self-consciousness about writing
  • Bought 14+ new pairs of socks because I love new socks
  • Done things not because I had to and not because someone told me to, but purely because they make me happy

This is me in the last week of 2014. I hope next year brings a lot more photos like this one because in this exact moment, I was so happy to be exactly where I was. I was so happy just being present.

Moss Landing


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