Hiiiiiii 2015. I Like The Sound of You.


I say this every year but I’ll say it again, I don’t really enjoy making resolutions for New Years. I think they put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the person who creates them which then causes that person to feel like a bag of poop when they give up three weeks into January. Instead I like to make wish lists. My wish list consists of things I hope to do or see or experience in the upcoming year. If they happen, cool then my wish came true. If they don’t, maybe the wish fairy had something else even cooler in mind for me.

2015 Wish List

  1. 2015 is the year of do what you want. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. The people in your life should not make you feel bad about your choices or make you sacrifice your own happiness for theirs. If they do, stick them on a train and don’t look back.
  2. Write. All the time. About everything and nothing.
  3. Share. Share the things you create with the people you trust. They’re going to love you no matter what.
  4. Sparkle. With glitter bombs. With flash tattoos. With twinkle lights.
  5. Read all of the books that you can get your hands on. Fall in love with the characters. Soak up the stories like a sponge.
  6. Take a few trips. Runaway trips. Burn run trips. Vacation trips. Just go places.
  7. Dance. A lot. To every type of music. Even the music that only plays in your own head.
  8. Go see your favorite bands. Spend the money. Regret nothing. Buy the stupid overpriced t-shirts that you love and wear them every chance you get.
  9. Paint new stories to hang on the wall. Replace the old ones but remember why they happened and what they taught you.
  10. You have fire in your words. Use it when necessary.
  11. Make things. Dreamcatchers, flower crowns, poems, stories, memories.
  12. Take lots of Polaroids. Take too many Polaroids and even then know you can never have enough.
  13. Trust your instinct. Continue to be/find out who you are. Love yourself.

One final thought on this New Year. As the clock struck midnight and the ball dropped I had a little epiphany when I looked around at the aftermath of the glitter bomb. Nothing happens unless you make it happen. I wanted my New Years evening to pan out a certain way so I set myself up for complete and utter success. I had macaroons, glitter bombs, champagne, Polaroid cameras and Taylor Swift’s “Style” ready to play at 11:59pm. I set myself up to have the best transition into 2015 as I possibly could with all of my favorite things and with a few of my most beloved friends. No one hands you anything, you have to go get it for yourself. If you want something, you better damn well go get it.

Here’s to many more macaroons, dance parties and glitter bombs in 2015.


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