Artisanal LA


It’s been a hot second since I’ve been in this neck of the woods. How are you? Enjoying the springtime blooms? I’ve been very very busy running from one thing to the next. I was home for Easter, then threw my best friend’s Bridal Shower (which will get a full post in a few days), then house sat for a bit, and intermixed was just more all around craziness. I’m also currently in the process of trying to move apartments and still retain a slight sliver of sanity.

But this post isn’t about all of those things. This post is about a new door that was recently opened for me that I frolicked right through.

At my best friend’s bridal shower a few weeks ago, I hired Crown Bloom Co. CBC is a boho girl’s dream. They come to your event, set up the most adorable little cart, and then make fresh flower crowns for everyone. I mean can you BE any cuter??? (Chandler Bing voice.) The girls made everyone feel like boho queens and were a total hit.

At the shower one of the activities I came up with was to make dreamcatchers. Backstory: after I made my first few dreamcatchers about a year ago, my best friend fell in love with them and asked if I would make some for her wedding. At the shower I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and get the guests to help out. CBC loved them and asked if I would be willing to sell some at their booth at Artisanal LA in a few weeks. I came back with a resounding YES. Flash forward to this past weekend and I found myself in all my gypsy glory selling my dreamcatchers to the lovely people of Los Angeles.

The chaos before the storm

The chaos before the storm

Me. Selling my pretty things. To real people. In person. Not behind a computer screen. One small step for Twenty Seven Things, one giant step for Sarah’s social skills.


I’m an OWNER????


Artisanal LA was a total dream. Vendors upon vendors selling their beautiful handmade foods, beauty products, home goods – you name it they had it. I was in heaven. The CBC girls and I had the best time and I can’t wait to do more shows with them this upcoming summer.



My dreamcatchers are now all up on my Etsy shop and you can see them by clicking the photo below. Here’s to many more days spent in boho gypsy dream land.

Dreamcatchers Etsy

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