Hi blog baby. I’m back. And with some really awesome and nostalgic news. I’m moving.

After living in the same space for 1262 days, I am moving. (For the general population, 1262 days comes down to approximately 3.5 years.)

It’s still hard for me to process and I’ve been planning it for an entire month. I’m not very good with big changes so this is a big step for me. I like having consistency in my life and this apartment, my first in LA, was a big stability pillar for me.

So many things happened in this apartment. I spent my entire early 20’s in this apartment. I celebrated 4 different birthday’s in this apartment. I made new best friends in this apartment. I cried over people who left my life in this apartment. I danced with people I loved in this apartment. I started 2 blogs from this apartment. I started my Etsy shop from this apartment. I learned to cook in this apartment. I went through 4 jobs while in this apartment. I wrote my senior thesis in this apartment. I graduated college while in this apartment. My best friend lived with me in this apartment for a year and a half. I listened to so many of my favorite albums on vinyl while laying on the floor of this apartment.

I found my voice in this apartment.

I get very nostalgic when there are big changes in my life. I have a really hard time accepting change. I know change is generally a good thing, but I can’t help but reflect and mourn the end of different chapters. But that’s just what this is – the end of a chapter. A very big chapter. A chapter where I found my footing and learned to stand up by myself.

Since I love making lists, here is The Ritz by numbers.

  • 4 SAS Birthdays (21, 22, 23 and 24)
  • 26 canvas paintings
  • 117 vinyl records
  • 3 couches
  • 2 TV’s
  • 86 dreamcatchers
  • 7 strands of twinkle lights
  • 2 blogs
  • 2 cars
  • 7 plants killed
  • 1 Etsy shop
  • 3 leather bound journals filled
  • 9 tubes of red lipsick
  • 14 flower crowns
  • 4 jobs
  • 1 senior thesis
  • 1 college degree
  • 1 best friend/sister/roommate
  • Too many bottles of red wine

Goodbye little apartment, you were so good to me. Hello new apartment, I’m ready for my mid-twenties.


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