Printstagram: The Modern Polaroids



I love photos. Especially Polaroid photos. But here’s the problem – I’m too poor to by a Polaroid camera and continue buying the film. I guess vintage things are too hip and mainstream these days so they charge prices up the wazoo.

But then I found a solution. I had seen the idea on Pinterest a while back and have been dying to implement it in my own apartment. Enter Printstagram. What I am now referring to as the modern Polaroid. I printed out over 100 of my own Instagram photos and even went as far as to create a second Instagram account just so I could Instagram like a madwoman and not blow up my friends feeds with countless photos of myself and friends. You’re welcome for being considerate.

They arrived 3 days later and I couldn’t be happier with them. The paper quality is awesome and they look amazing. Then comes the project part.

I already had twine and nails and I bought clothespins at my favorite store – get at me 99 cent store. Then I researched this magical thing called washi tape which is basically a life changer. You can put it on ANYTHING and it’s ADORABLE. I used it to decorate one side of my clothespins to give them a little something extra.

Here is the finished product. I like to call it “whimsical-20-something-slash-poor-kid-chic.” I love the way it turned out and now get to stare at some of my favorite memories all the time. Thanks Printstagram, you da flyest.


New Chapter


In my mind, my trip to New York marked my last holiday for quite a while. The only things I have left on my calendar for this summer are a family wedding in August and a few concerts scattered over the next few months. I’m pulling a “Shopaholic” and putting my credit card in the freezer as to not put any more evil upon the poor innocent piece of plastic.

Along with the literal “freeze” upon my credit card I’m going to embark on a few other phases that I am dubbing my New Chapter. The initial phase involved green smoothies which has been going surprisingly well over the past 2 weeks. The second phase involves staying active which will lead to my last great purchase of the next few months (minus concert tickets because music is the one thing that helps me keep my sanity.) This great purchase is a gym membership. I had one a few years back in college and loved it because of the classes that were offered. I’ve found when I work out and just hit the treadmill or elliptical, my hour long workout feels like 6 because it is so monotonous and you don’t move anywhere. With Pilates or Zumba or Step classes, you’re constantly in motion and working out doesn’t feel forced. Added to these workout classes will be taking advantage of the hills Los Angeles has to offer me by going on more morning hikes on the weekends. Because with views like these, you have to take advantage of it.

The third phase of New Chapter is creating a creative space in my apartment. I’ve been told by many that the living room of my apartment in itself is a very open creative space, which it is. But I think I have become so used to it and have now associated it with other things like eating dinner or watching TV and it has lost the original appeal of being creative. Instead, I think I’m going to make a little corner of the apartment my Creative Corner. I have these beautiful, vibrant colored vintage scarves from flea markets I’ve collected over the years and I think I’m going to hang them all up, Moroccan style on the walls. It will create a space that says “Hi. I’m a safe, creative, open space where you can say whatever you want and dream in words that are as pretty as you want them to be.”

For me, being creative is all about being in the right headspace. If I can’t tap into that headspace where I feel unbound, weightless and free, I can’t write. I mean I can, write something but it’s never as good as I want or know it can be. Hence the need for Creative Corner.

Here are some ideas I pulled from Pinterest for my little Moroccan corner. Pretty, vibrant colors with lots of pillows and seating that is low to the ground. For some reason, sitting or laying on the floor helps me feel more connected to whatever I’m writing. Here we go Morocco. Let’s paint with pretty words.

Morocco 1




Morocco 3

Two Birthdays & A Wedding


This past weekend there was a lot of celebrating going on. Friday night I celebrated two of my friends birthdays at a combined birthday party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. They each had their own little piece of cake but we forgot to buy candles so a normal coffee table candle was used. Happy Birthday girls. Then I slept for a few hours and had to be on the road by 6am to get back home for a wedding. I made it home by 11am, napped for a little bit, got ready and was off again to celebrate more happy life events.

RC Birthday

The wedding was beautiful. They had the ceremony and reception on a family ranch on the outskirts of town and said their vows by the water. I teared up more than a few times, weddings just do that to people. It’s such a happy life moment that you can’t help but get emotional. My beautiful best friend was the Maid Of Honor and after all of the food, drinks and toasts (which she killed by the way) we danced and danced and danced for hours outside under twinkle lights to Bon Jovi and Pat Benatar and Phillip Phillips. Congratulations Felicia & Tim!


Sunday morning I was up early again, was lazy around my house for a bit and then had to head back to Lala land to celebrate one of my other best friends birthdays. She turned 24 and her favorite dessert is lemon bars so obviously I had to buy her 24 lemon bars. I met her a little over 2 years ago when I landed my internship at a music publishing company. Since that day, we haven’t looked back. I can’t imagine my life without her at this point and am so thankful for her every day.

CRV Birthday

The weekend went by far too fast (as per usual) but I couldn’t have had a better one. Yes I’m exhausted today and yes I have to appear awake and alert while interacting with other humans but you know what, I’ll take it. Because happy life events like birthdays and weddings only come around once a year or a few times in a lifetime so when they do, you have to be there to support those people in your life and enjoy the moment with them. Make the drive, get no sleep and love full force. It’s always worth it.