January – The Rolling Stones


I’ve decided to give myself a new project for 2014 – a creative project. I’ve realized that if I don’t give myself a goal to reach, I usually won’t finish something. I need something stable and consistent that pushes me forward. In 2013, my goal was to blog every day, and by some miracle I actually did it. This year, my goal is going to be a little less drastic in the consistency sense.

This year, I going to have one “theme” per month in order to expand my horizons a bit in the creative sense. There are numerous bands and artists and authors whose work and career I’ve wanted to delve deeper into, but haven’t yet had the chance. That changes this year. This year, every month is going to be dedicated to one band, artist or author and I am going to go through their entire body of work slowly throughout the month so I can really soak it in.

I have dubbed January the month of The Rolling Stones. Of course I know their hits, but I’ve never gone deeper into their catalog than that. This month I am so excited to be setting specific time aside just for them. I mean who doesn’t love Mick Jagger?

Stones 1 Stones 2 Stones 3