Love Letter: Honey Nut Cheerios


Dear Honey Nut Cheerios,

I’ve loved you since before I remember. My dad always enjoyed you for breakfast and the occasional dinner when I was growing up. Since then, he has passed on his love of HNC to me where I have gladly accepted and grown my own love. You’re different from regular Cheerios. You’re sweeter and much more delicious (no offense but yes actually offense to regular Cheerios because WHY would you even go there when you have Honey Nut).

You’re always there for me in the mornings (minus the times when I run out and have to turn to oatmeal, talk about second best) and I look forward to our alone time everyday around 7:45am. I used to think that non-fat milk was your soulmate……until I met soy milk and started forcing the affair on you. But non-fat understood and now you’re in a much happier and stable relationship with soy. She’s a keeper.

Back to you HNC, I really do love you. I even follow in dad’s footsteps sometimes and eat you for dinner. You’re a constant in my daily life and I hope we can continue this love affair long into my old age.

All my love,




Love Letter: Tazo Tea


Tazo Tea

Over the past 5 months I’ve slowly cut out coffee. It was a hard breakup, one of the worst to date but I knew it had to be done in order to detox my body from the hell I’ve put it through over the past 4 years with the deadly combination of work and college. So ever so slowly, I started drinking tea instead. 5 months later I’m completely off of coffee and drink tea about 3 times a day. That should let me have dual citizenship in the UK right? I think so.

Of all the teas in the land, Tazo is by far the fairest. Green tea, breakfast tea, chai tea, fruity tea, you name it I’ll drink it. Right now I’m currently loving the Awake breakfast tea or Focus tea for morning, Passion tea or one of the blossom teas for afternoon and Calm Chamomile or Rest for my bedtime tea.

It’s gotten to the point that if I don’t have a cup of tea after I eat something, I kind of feel sick. The hot tea really helps you digest and make you feel better after a big meal. But my biggest problem is that I am now a real life One Direction song (not that it’s actually a problem, I would HAPPILY enjoy inspiring a song for them cough Harry Styles call me if you’re reading this cough) because I honestly can’t go to bed if I don’t have a cup of tea. For those of you who don’t know, that’s a lyric from the Ed Sheeran penned record “Little Things.”

Tazo Tea, I love you. Please never leave me. I need you in my life. You’re the only one who makes me feel better after eating too much and helps me fall asleep. I love you.

Love Letter: San Diego



The San Diego love affair began this past July when I ran away for 5 days. I didn’t know much about SD other than it was 2 hours away from LA and I had a few friends who lived in Pacific Beach. I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to get out of LA as fast as I could. So I did. I called my friend on Thursday night, packed a bag, got in my car, and left the next morning.

Can I just say that I-5 has never looked better than it does on the way down to San Diego? Almost everywhere else in California, I-5 is a complete migraine. It’s ugly, barren and dry. Once you’re past Orange County everything just looks green. Seriously, everything. It’s kind of unreal in the most beautiful way.

Since that first “runaway” trip I’ve been back a handful of times. I can’t seem to help myself. It’s gorgeous down there, the weather rocks and they have killer Mexican food. I tend to stay in the Pacific Beach area and Garnet has become my new favorite street since it has so many little shops, bars and restaurants.

San Diego

This past weekend I made a 24 hour trip to SD to catch the Giants play the Padres at Petco stadium. After the game, my friends and I met up with more of our high school friends at the new country bar off Garnet called Reds. They only play country music, it’s amazing. Garth Brooks, Hunter Hayes, Taylor Swift, George Straight, old and new they played it all. I was in heaven. Mostly because it was the first time I’d been anywhere and I didn’t have to pretend that I knew the words to every single song, I actually did. Seriously, every single one.

San Diego, I love you. Thank you for being my escape when I need to get out of la-la land. Thank you for always being delicious. And thank you for tanning my pale white skin. Everything you do is much appreciated.