Love Letter: Vocabulary



I really like words. I like the way I can string them together to make something pretty. I like how when I handwrite something I can make one word look a million different ways, also creating millions of different meanings. I like that I can make them rhyme, in time. I like that one word can mean one thing in one story, and something completely different in another. I like that my mind associates certain words with experiences because for some reason or another, they’ve resigned enough in my brain to form that long lasting connection. I like that they paint pictures in my head, describe smells that aren’t really there and make me feel emotions I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling.

I consider myself to be a nerd to a certain extent. I like to keep in the know of what’s going on in the world both in a “things that actually matter” and in a “pop culture” sense. I read a fair amount of books and have been told that I’m a terrifyingly fast reader. But every once in a while I like to extreme nerd out in order to expand my horizons.

I recently discovered and it’s slowly becoming my new obsession.

I don’t know if any of you remember or ever played the Free Rice game back in middle and high school, but it was a word that would pop up and all you had to do was guess the correct definition. If you were right, you received a few grains of rice in your rice bank. The website told you that the rice you collected was going to be donated to a third world country, I honestly have no idea if that was the case. I would like to hope so but you never know with the Internet. Regardless, it was a good way to get teenagers to expand their vocabulary. is awesome because it’s basically the same thing, just substituting the rice for more difficult language.  It challenges me to turn my brain on and learn new things while also fulfilling my competitive need to win even if I’m only playing against myself.

Go try it. You know you want to. Plus you’ll learn a few new words that you can throw into casual conversation while you watch your friends struggle to figure out what you’re saying. It’s a win-win situation.

Love Letter: Why I Love To Hate Crackberries



At the job I’m currently at, they have recently given me a crackberry so they can get ahold of me at any time they want. Let me be clear and say that I hate crackberries. I had one until Steve Jobs opened my world to a new millenium with the iPhone a few years back and even in the early days of the transition, I was still loyal to the crackberry because I’m stubborn. Then I discovered that iPhones are superior in every shape and form.

Now I hate crackberries with a burning passion. I don’t understand how they are still in use.

Since it’s sometimes hard for me to form coherent strings of sentences when I get angry over an issue, here is a comprehensive list of why I hate crackberries.

  • They constantly type double letters. No matter how hard I try it puts 0000 at the end of every phone number.
  • I try to type an “L” but instead end up deleting half of my sentence because “delete” and “L” are next to each other. Stupid.
  • The crackberry I have seems to have a mind of it’s own and likes to call people without asking me first.
  • The buttons are TINY. I’m sorry but who has small enough fingers to type correctly on that thing? I don’t see infants using crackberries and they are the only one’s whose fingers are small enough.
  • There is no touch screen (I have the Bold). That’s just idiotic in this day and age.
  • You still have to enter a password to get to your voicemail. My iPhone just lets me listen to things with a play button which makes my life much easier.
  • The little black square scroll ball is the most sensitive thing ever. I try and click down one email and all the sudden I’m in last Thursday’s emails instead.
  • Myspace is still an icon on the main screen. I laughed really hard.

In conclusion, I hate Blackberries. We should all start a revolt and throw them into the sewers. Or light them all on fire in a control burn. Or just break them with hammers. I’m good with any of the above 3 options.

Love Letter: Daylight Savings


Daylight savings

Daylight savings time is the best part of March. Arizona, get your shit together.

I cannot for the life of me, understand why people don’t enjoy daylight savings. It gives you an hour (A FULL ENTIRE HOUR) more of sunshine. The best part of summer are the long summer nights where you have light until 8pm. Who doesn’t love that?

So all of you weaklings bitching about losing an hour of sleep on Sunday night can shut up because you’ll get over it. It’s not like it’s jet lag and you’ve traveled across continents. You literally only lost one hour of sleep. That’s one episode of Grey’s Anatomy or two episodes of Parks & Rec. Suck it up, shut up and get over it.

Getting back to the point about Arizona, they are the only state in America that does not follow daylight savings. I mean why would you not choose to have an extra hour of sunshine? Do you really think it makes you cooler Arizona? Because let me tell you, it doesn’t. Frankly it’s making you look like Florida and we all know that’s the most embarrassing state to be compared to considering all of the things they’ve fucked up in the past decade.

I personally feel that daylight savings should be year round. Most people don’t like waking up when it’s still dark out. I think that’s ridiculous. I’ve always lived by the mantra that if they sun isn’t awake, I shouldn’t be either. Daylight savings time solves this issue for me.

Time to spring forward World. Here’s to extra daylight, dark mornings and endless summer nights at the beach. That’s a lifestyle I can definitely support.