Now now now, you didn’t think I’d pass up an opportunity to reflect on life and make a list did you? Today I turn TwentyThree. An age that (so far) no one has written a song about, therefore giving me no outline to go off of as far as what to expect in this year of my life. No more happy, free, confused or lonely for this girl. (I got my fair share of singing Twenty Two in yesterday as one last hoorah – thanks Tay Tay.)

This past year of my life has been exhilarating, terrifying, laughter driven, tear streaked, whimsical and most of all – extraordinary. I can say confidently and very very happily that this past year was the best of my entire life. I rekindled many different loves in my life, the biggest one being the ability to love myself. To love yourself is, I think, the hardest thing anyone can ever do.

This past year I found what makes me happy, admitted it, and started making plans to chase it. This past year I wore a lot of flower crowns and flowy dresses. This past year I slowly became more of an “adult” by buying a new vacuum, television and even a new CAR. This past year I surrounded myself with wonderful friends and loved ones that consistently built me up and smothered me in happiness. This past year I became more open not only with others, but with myself. This past year I sat down with myself and figured out what the word “brave” meant in my own life. This past year I found myself again. TwentyTwo was very good to me, and I am excited for TwentyThree to continue that journey.

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make a list, so here are TwentyTwo things I learned at TwentyTwo.

  1. It’s easy to be scared, it’s hard to be brave.
  2. Hand outs only come in the form of free ice cream and leftover Girl Scout cookies. You have to work for everything else.
  3. Red nail polish will always make you feel like a badass.
  4. So will red lipstick.
  5. Coconut oil takes off your eye makeup without burning your eyeballs.
  6. No one really knows how the world works. We all just fake it till we make it.
  7. For some reason, tequila is the only alcohol that doesn’t hate my body.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, exercise does make you feel better.
  9. Having best friends in different time zones sucks. Facetime and Viber become your lifelines.
  10. Being a salaried employee is a gift of the gods.
  11. Speaking of being an employee, I now connect on a spiritual level to Dolly’s “9 to 5.”
  12. Seeing Fleetwood Mac is a religious experience.
  13. Shit will constantly hit the fan.
  14. Life after college doesn’t need to be as scary as you think it is.
  15. Never start a life talk with a best friend without wine.
  16. Every once in a while, you need a friend to sit you down, stare you in the face and tell you to start doing what you already know you want to do.
  17. Boys are still stupid.
  18. No one is going to take the first step for you. Get your ass in gear and do it.
  19. Never try to silence your gut feeling.
  20. Dance with your friends. In a bar, at a restaurant, in the office, in the streets and at home.
  21. Speak your truth.
  22. No one actually knows what they want in their 20s. If they do, they’re either lying or a time wizard.
  23. And my bonus piece of extraordinary wisdom for TwenyThree: It’s okay to change your mind, to be selfish, to scream your lungs out, to fail and to fall down. Someone will always love you for you.

Hi TwentyThree, I’m ready for ya. Let’s do this thaaaaaang.

PS my last homage to TwentyTwo was to go out at 10pm on May 7th and buy a polaroid camera that I’ve been dying to have for the past few years. I can’t wait to document TwentyThree in physical form.

Last of TwentyTwo