Three Years in LA


Yesterday marked three years since I moved to Los Angeles. I can vividly remember the build up. The anxiety, the stress, the excitement, the fear that it was all just a dream.

And then the hope. I remember the extreme feeling of hope.

I remember feeling like “I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing” and “I know this feels right.” I remember being so nervous to live by myself and then squashing that doubt with the feeling of not caring because I was going to live the dream I had dreamt for so long. I was going to live in the City of Angels.

I can’t exactly remember when my fascination with LA began but it had to have been somewhere around 12 or 13 years old. My family would travel to Southern California for softball tournaments and I could never get enough of the city. I wanted to be everywhere at once. I wanted to drive down every street. My dad used to joke that I would tell people “I don’t care if I sit in traffic for 5 hours, at least I’m sitting in LA.” The hope that this was the city where dreams were born and came true was so unbelievable to me. It was all I wanted. I wanted to build and see my dreams come true here too.

Three years I’ve been in this same one bedroom apartment. A year and a half ago I gained a roommate who has morphed from my best friend into the sister I never had. Together we continue to grow up and embrace the hilarious challenges that constitute being a 20-something.

Three years later I’m still scared, but in a good way. I think if you ever completely lose the fear of something you love then you become comfortable and then you become stagnant. I don’t ever want to become stagnant. So this fear is a good fear. I still love being in LA. I love feeling like I could do a million different things at once. I love feeling like I can change my look, my voice, my walk, my story at any given moment. But three years later, I don’t think I want to change as many things as I used to. I’m much more comfortable with who I am. Being in LA and seeing all the change can do that to you – it makes you choose a path and make it your own.

I can’t wait to continue to grow and change with LA. I can’t wait to continue to come into my own in this city. I’m a born and raised California girl, and right now, there is now where else I’d rather be to continue to grow up and figure out who I want to be.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.50.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.51.08 PM

Artsy Weekend


Friday evening was spent with friends catching up on life. After spending the day at work and then being actively social, I used up all of my social skills for the weekend within just Friday. So all of Saturday and Sunday were spent pretty much being by myself minus a Saturday lunch with one of my good friends from college and a Sunday morning hike.

In my anti-social state, I became an artsy child and completed three different craft projects and two paintings. The craft projects were a chalkboard frame message board for my roommate and I, chalkboard mason jar tops for labeling and ink spot coasters. The ocean color scheme painting is a much overdue gift for a friend’s new apartment and the creativity painting is my new mantra for writing. I had found the quote on Pinterest and was going to print it out to hang somewhere, but I thought “why not paint it on the most ginormous canvas you own instead?” So I did.

I also FINALLY got my macaroons. They were the most delicious treat I could have ever imagined.

Chalkboard Frame


Hannah Painting

Creativity painting


Printstagram: The Modern Polaroids



I love photos. Especially Polaroid photos. But here’s the problem – I’m too poor to by a Polaroid camera and continue buying the film. I guess vintage things are too hip and mainstream these days so they charge prices up the wazoo.

But then I found a solution. I had seen the idea on Pinterest a while back and have been dying to implement it in my own apartment. Enter Printstagram. What I am now referring to as the modern Polaroid. I printed out over 100 of my own Instagram photos and even went as far as to create a second Instagram account just so I could Instagram like a madwoman and not blow up my friends feeds with countless photos of myself and friends. You’re welcome for being considerate.

They arrived 3 days later and I couldn’t be happier with them. The paper quality is awesome and they look amazing. Then comes the project part.

I already had twine and nails and I bought clothespins at my favorite store – get at me 99 cent store. Then I researched this magical thing called washi tape which is basically a life changer. You can put it on ANYTHING and it’s ADORABLE. I used it to decorate one side of my clothespins to give them a little something extra.

Here is the finished product. I like to call it “whimsical-20-something-slash-poor-kid-chic.” I love the way it turned out and now get to stare at some of my favorite memories all the time. Thanks Printstagram, you da flyest.