My Brother is Seventeen Today


Today, my not-so-baby brother turns seventeen. 17. SEVENTEEN. I don’t even know how that is possible. TimeĀ flies.

The happiest of happy birthdays to my handsome, insanely smart, talented, kind hearted, loving and amazing baby brother. I love you so much and am so proud of the man-child you are becoming. You make me a better sister every single day. I love you Jarod – I’m so glad you came into the world and stole my playroom 17 years ago.

Now, a little blast from the past starting with 2013 and going all the way down to 1999.

photo (3) IMG_63302008_0822giants_game0341

photo 1photo 2And it would be a sin not to put these two songs on here as the soundtrack for his birthday. Love you bro bro.


Preparing for Thanksgiving


This weekend went by far too quickly. I spent most of my time celebrating a friend’s 24th birthday and the rest of the time being a lazy bum and having a 7 hour date with my DVR. The only other thing I did was dye my hair. Nothing too drastic, it’s just a 30 day washout color. Dark brown with a little bit of red that comes out in the sunlight.

The highlight of my weekend was going to breakfast with my roommate on Sunday morning. We branched out and tried this place called Crave in Studio City – it’s probably my new favorite breakfast spot. I’m never one for sweets in the morning but for some reason I was craving french toast (haha craving, get it GET IT) and it turned out to be one of the most delicious meals of my life.

Crave Breakfast

In other news, I’m trying to mentally prepare my stomach this week for Thanksgiving festivities. My mindset when going home is to eat everything in sight, so this week I’m going to try to detox and yoga as much as possible before that happens. I also have to brush up on my vocabulary to up my Scrabble game against my little brother. I’m coming for you bro bro.

Happy Birthday Dad


Today is a very important day. Besides being the end of September, today is my Dad’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy. I love you a lot. Thanks for being the best Dad ever. For spending all those weekends at tournaments with me, for waking me up every morning for school, for running to Toys R Us just to go get me a pack of Sailor Moon trading cards, for braiding my hair for gymnastics when Mom was at work, for teaching me how to laugh at myself, for telling me my shoes are too tall, for always telling me I’m good enough no matter what, and for believing in me in everything I do. I hope you have the best day.

Dad Birthday


PS someone needs to go wake up Green Day today.

PPS I’ve been waiting to make that joke for an entire year.