Backstreets Back



I never thought I would say the words “free” and “Backstreet Boys” in the same sentence. Ever. But I’m about to right now and I assure you the below is a true statement, so help me Oprah.

I saw the Backstreet Boys perform 15 feet in front of me for free. Nick Carter was 15 feet away from me. And let me tell you, baby boy hasn’t aged a day since 1999, he still looks fly as hell.

Yesterday I went to The Grove for their free concert series to make a childhood dream become reality; see the Backstreet Boys live. 12 years later, one of my childhood dreams came true. I do have to admit though, growing up I was more of an NSYNC girl and above all else I was a die hard Britney girl. But I wouldn’t be a true girl of the 90s if I didn’t know all of BSB’s hits. And you’re lying if you never cried to As Long As You Love Me or Quit Playin Games With My Heart.

BSB spent most of the time singing records from the new album that they just released on Tuesday but they did indulge the crowd a little and threw it back to As Long As You Love Me, complete with the 1997 dance moves that made every 20/30 year old woman in the crowd swoon like they were 20 years younger. The new material wasn’t actually that bad. It was catchy and they still harmonize like flawless little angels. Plus KEVIN IS BACK THANK GOD IT HAD BEEN WAY TOO LONG KEV.

The only major let down was them not singing I Want It That Way. That will forever remain the greatest mystery of the 90s and 00s. Which way is that way?…..But seriously, which way I genuinely want to know.

Hands down though, the best part of the show was BSB closing with Everybody (Backstreets Back). It’s finally hilariously ironic that they can say “Backstreets BACK ALRIGHT” and actually mean it. It was glorious and amazing and everyone lost their minds when they did the whole choreographed 90s boy band dance during the last chorus. Those boys who are now dads (minus Nick) can still dance. (FYI Nick Carter hip thrusting while singing “Am I sexual?” was probably one of the greatest moments of my 20s.) I felt like I was 11 years old again watching them on MTV. It was a huge full circle moment for 11 year old Sarah and one of the happiest moments for 22 year old Sarah.

In case you need reminding of how epic their choreographed dances were, here’s your Thursday treat.


NSYNC Medley


My friend passed this along to me yesterday (hi Sally). I was going to save it for Wednesday as a hump day treat but I just can’t. It’s too good. It’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life put into one video. Just kick back for 3 minutes and 57 seconds and enjoy the magic.

My inner 90s fangirl is still screaming for more.

PS I’m convinced the guy bottom left is actually Joey Fatone. Or at least his long lost cousin or something.

Let’s Talk About Boy Bands


Hey hey hey. It’s finally here and much overdue. I’m over at Love Twenty today talking about one of my favorite past times, boy bands. You can click the picture below to read my fangirl word vomit.

Warning, it gets pretty in depth (complete with a fact sheet). I’ve been waiting to write this post for a while now, did you not think I wasn’t going to go all in? Go big or go home (with Harry Styles).

boy bands