Let’s Talk Super Bowl Ads At The Bruno Mars Concert


Unless you live under a rock, you were one of the 111.5 million people who watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. I prefer to refer to it as the Bruno Mars concert with lots of ads because let’s be real, 1) I didn’t care about either team and 2) Bruno Mars DUH.

Bruno put on an amazing show, I actually had to rewatch the entire thing yesterday just to fully appreciate it. Only thing I was confused about was why Red Hot Chili Peppers showed up at all. I mean I love them – but why?

(I was going to put the video here of Bruno singing/dancing his face off but it seems they have all been blocked on Youtube and the network hasn’t released the official one yet. ANNOYING.)

The other half of the Super Bowl Bruno Mars concert were the ads. This year I personally though they were lack luster but here were my top 9 favorites.

9. Dorito’s Time Machine (Hilarious child who will go far in life.)

8.  Ellen for Beats Music. (It’s ELLEN and she’s DANCING. What is not to love.)


6. Cheerios Family (Cheerios family is back and better than ever.)

5. The 80s Called for Radio Shack (Amazing concept.)

4. A Hero’s Welcome for Budweiser (Very long, but tear worthy.)

3. America Is Beautiful for Coca-Cola (This is a HUGE step for America and all of our cultures. VERY IMPORTANT.)

2. Anna Kendrick for Newcastle Beer (I don’t even think this aired during the Super Bowl but it’s hilarious and genius.)

1. Puppy Love for Budweiser (If you don’t cry during this, you don’t have a soul)

Just, Just Just…..GOT PAID


Today, my anthem is this gem of a song from the early 2000’s.

Just Got Paid


Last night, I went to Jimmy Kimmel’s outdoor concert series with my roommate. Sara Bareilles performed and I got to dance in the rain while she sang I Choose You, Brave, Hercules, Eden and King of Anything. After Brave, she took over the concert and said, “okay now it’s MY show. And since you’ve been standing in the rain I think you guys are kind of die hards so we’re going to play a few of the album cuts that don’t get a lot of attention” aka Hercules and Eden. I LOVE Eden so when she sang it, I sang back every single word. She’s so quirky and cute and awesome and I really love her. Plus she has my name so we’re destined to be Sarah squared.

Bareilles Brave

This weekend I’m catching up on errands and then going to a “ladies who lunch” brunch with my friends pre-Superbowl aka pre-Bruno Mars concert. Then I’ll be heading to a house party to watch the game Bruno Mars concert and bandwagon whichever team is favored to win. I have no shame in bandwagoning football.

Happy Friday!

New Releases: Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox


I love Bruno Mars because he doesn’t do cookie cutter pop shit like most people on radio do these days. When he released Just The Way You Are and Grenade a few years ago, it was amidst the Tik Tok era and was equivalent to a breath of fresh air in a room filled with nail polish remover.

Bruno Mars

He just released his sophomore album, Unorthodox Jukebox, this past week.  The first single, Locked Out Of Heaven just hit #1 on the Billboard 100 this week as well.  Bruno Mars can actually sing. This is demonstrated here and here. (And if you haven’t seen him sing while looking ridiculous check out his SNL skit here, start 30 seconds in.)

His music just feels good if that makes any sense. It has soul to it, you can move to it.  This new album isn’t something you “throw your hands in the air in the club and dance” to. This music is what I hope mainstream pop goes to. Because it’s actually good.

I heard the song Young Girls for the first time when he first performed it on SNL a few months ago. I loved it so I had pretty high expectations coming into this album. Rolling Stone gave the album 4/5 stars (which is pretty remarkable considering they hardly ever give anyone over 3 stars now a days) and rightly so.

The album as a whole flows very cohesively when listened to in one sitting. It almost feels throwback-ish to a Michael Jackson vibe at points (Treasure) and then hits you with a “I’m going to lie on the floor and cry for 3 minutes and 34 seconds” moment when he sings When I Was Your Man (prepare yourself ladies).

If it wasn’t evident already, I love the album. You go Bruno Mars, you have not only avoided the wretched “sophomore album slump” but you’ve completely obliterated it.

Unorthodox Jukebox

Singles: Locked Out Of Heaven, Young Girls (to be released soon)

Sarah’s Top 5: Young Girls, When I Was Your Man, Natalie, Treasure, If I Knew

Songs to dance to: Locked Out Of Heaven, Treasure, Natalie

Songs to cry to: When I Was Your Man, If I Knew