Putting Yourself Out There


This week was kind of a big week for me in a few different ways. I put this blog out for the Internet world to read (it used to just be my close friends and family, hi mom and dad).  This week was also the first time I ever read a piece in my creative writing class which was a lot more terrifying than I was even anticipating. Like “it’s the first day of college and you wonder if you remembered to put on deodorant” terrifying.

But I lived. Somehow I survived. And I am here to blog another day. You’re welcome.

Putting yourself out there can be extremely terrifying, especially when the things you are releasing to the world are your own personal stories and words. So, if you are one of the people who can do that, I tip my hat to you sir. You have my utmost respect.

For the rest of you, don’t be scared to do something that seems terrifying. Sometimes, the scariest things can be the best things (according to Mandy Moore in Chasing Liberty). Don’t let the fear keep you from playing the game. Who knows, maybe your move is what changes the scope of the entire game. Or maybe you fall on your face. That’s okay too. Been there, done that.

I’ve always lived by the motto of “go big, or go home.” Because if you’re not all in, what’s the point?

My last piece of wisdom comes from my younger brother who is wise beyond his years. A few months ago he told me, “Sis, I’m going to go out, kick some ass and chew some bubblegum. And I’m all out of bubblegum.” So world, there you go. We’re all out of bubblegum.