You’re My Person


I tried to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy 2 years ago and somehow left all of the drama and emotions of Seattle Grace for 2 whole seasons. Then I saw a preview just the other day for the new episodes and said to myself, “I need Meredith Grey back in my life.”

So, I signed up for that evil thing called Netflix and haven’t been sleeping normal human hours because I’ve been watching an unhealthy 8+ hours of Grey’s every day. There are so many delicate relationships throughout the show that I dare you to watch an episode and not cry like a 12 year old who found out *NSYNC just broke up.

Grey and Yang have one of the best television relationships I’ve ever seen. Most of their communication comes from nonverbals and just understanding the other by accepting them for who they are. They use the phrase “you’re my person” as a catch all for “you have to love and accept me for who I am and I shouldn’t have to explain myself.” Everyone needs their “person.” If you don’t have one, try and find one. Because one day when you mess up really bad and come crying to them they won’t ask why or how or who, they’ll just sit next to you, give you an awkward hug and let you cry until you have no more tears.