New Music: Lady Antebellum – Downtown


Lady A Downtown

Lady A has been dominating the bill for “fun country group” over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard Rascal Flatts girl but they haven’t been as consistent with their country hits as Lady A has.

Lady Antebellum is a beautiful trio and you probably most know them for their song “Need You Now” that completely took over radio a few years ago and casually won 4 Grammy’s (for that record alone.) Since the success of “Need You Now” they’ve been struggling to get out of that “we’re only known for our one super awesome super slow super sappy song” struggle. (10 points to me for alliteration.)

Enter “Downtown.”

Not since their first two singles have they had a song this upbeat and just straight fun. I heard “Downtown” earlier this week when it was first released and played it on repeat probably around 7 times. Then I burned a new CD for my car just so I could listen to the song over and over again. I’m slightly obsessed with it. But the best part? Hillary sings the main vocal for the whole song which I don’t think has ever happened. No offense to Dave Haywood, I just love Hillary’s voice.

The bass line rocks and the hook is as big as a tree.  I guarantee you won’t get “talk it up and give me the go round round like a good time tease” out of your head for a long time. Bottom line, it’s sassy as shit, Hillary sings the hell out of it and I love it. Go dance around and listen to it right now, then let’s go party downtown.


PS this is completely irrelevant but when I first saw the title of the single was “Downtown” I thought it was Downton. As in Downton Abbey. I need to stop.