Ebony Eyes – Bob Welch


I have to give credit where credit is due – I get most of my music taste from my Dad. Everyone give it up for Dad, he deserves it. I love 70s rock because of him. He introduced me my all time favorite band Fleetwood Mac, and also AC/DC, Boston, Aerosmith, The Eagles, I could go on for a while. I grew up listening to Dad playing their CD’s through the stereo system at home and saying “now this is real music.” It took me a while to truly understand, believe him, and stop rolling my eyes but now I get it. To me, that is what music should be. Real instruments, live singing, lyrics that mean something and making a connection with the audience. Dad is always my first phone call after I go on a vinyl binge at the flea market and he always asks “whatcha get this time!?” It’s a fun scavenger hunt for him and I to do together as I continue getting older.

Earlier this week Dad sent me “Ebony Eyes,” a song by Bob Welch that was released in 1977 on his album French Kiss. The video of Welch performing is from Cal Jam II and features my favorite songbird, Stevie Nicks as a young, free, flower child singing her heart out and banging on her tambourine. Mick Fleetwood also makes a guest appearance toward the end of the song.

Bob Welch was an original member of Fleetwood Mac but caused some drama when he had an affair with Mick Fleetwood’s wife in the early 70s. He was replaced in 1974 by Lindsey Buckingham and, you guessed it, Stevie Nicks. Buckingham and Nicks went on to help the band reach “super group” status, and you know what happened after that. Legends.

Bob Welch went off to have a pretty successful solo career. Ebony Eyes was one of his better selling singles. This is my song of the day, I hope you love it as much as I do.

“But when my eyes looked at her
I learned that she was keeping a secret fire
And if I got real close, I’d burn”