Artisanal LA


It’s been a hot second since I’ve been in this neck of the woods. How are you? Enjoying the springtime blooms? I’ve been very very busy running from one thing to the next. I was home for Easter, then threw my best friend’s Bridal Shower (which will get a full post in a few days), then house sat for a bit, and intermixed was just more all around craziness. I’m also currently in the process of trying to move apartments and still retain a slight sliver of sanity.

But this post isn’t about all of those things. This post is about a new door that was recently opened for me that I frolicked right through.

At my best friend’s bridal shower a few weeks ago, I hired Crown Bloom Co. CBC is a boho girl’s dream. They come to your event, set up the most adorable little cart, and then make fresh flower crowns for everyone. I mean can you BE any cuter??? (Chandler Bing voice.) The girls made everyone feel like boho queens and were a total hit.

At the shower one of the activities I came up with was to make dreamcatchers. Backstory: after I made my first few dreamcatchers about a year ago, my best friend fell in love with them and asked if I would make some for her wedding. At the shower I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and get the guests to help out. CBC loved them and asked if I would be willing to sell some at their booth at Artisanal LA in a few weeks. I came back with a resounding YES. Flash forward to this past weekend and I found myself in all my gypsy glory selling my dreamcatchers to the lovely people of Los Angeles.

The chaos before the storm

The chaos before the storm

Me. Selling my pretty things. To real people. In person. Not behind a computer screen. One small step for Twenty Seven Things, one giant step for Sarah’s social skills.


I’m an OWNER????


Artisanal LA was a total dream. Vendors upon vendors selling their beautiful handmade foods, beauty products, home goods – you name it they had it. I was in heaven. The CBC girls and I had the best time and I can’t wait to do more shows with them this upcoming summer.



My dreamcatchers are now all up on my Etsy shop and you can see them by clicking the photo below. Here’s to many more days spent in boho gypsy dream land.

Dreamcatchers Etsy


It’s only Thursday morning, but I woke up and prayed it was Friday already. Sadly, it was not. Last night I made another huge round of mugs that are going out this morning and as I was sitting there stamping my notes, wrapping the mugs and taping up the boxes, I realized how happy these stupid mugs make me. When I ship them out, I feel like Santa Claus delivering presents. Knowing that I’m helping someone either give or receive a little mug as a gift with their favorite lyric or quote makes me so happy. Just to be a part of that joy, even if it is minuscule, is a very good feeling.

So as much of a love-hate relationship these mugs have been over the holiday season with the late hours spent tracking them, painting them, and shipping them, I know it’s totally worth it in the end. When I think about how much I love giving gifts to others over the holidays and then realize that I am involved in that transaction for hundred of others worldwide, it’s kind of amazing.

Have fun traveling the world my little mug babies. I hope many people enjoy their favorite cup of coffee or tea with you over the holidays.

PS another random/cool/slightly creepy fact – lots of people now have my handwriting in their houses because of these mugs.

PPS you can check out my Etsy store by clicking here or on the little Etsy icon in my sidebar to the right.

you're my person mug

How Is It November


I know November technically started last Friday, but I didn’t even really notice because my mind was so consumed with TGIF. How is it November already? I feel like I was just making my shitty Green Day joke about September ending.

This weekend I used as a Sarah rehab weekend. I stayed in, was by myself for most of the time, and just did all of the little things that always seem to get pushed away or forgotten over the course of the week. I made SO MANY mugs to ship out for today including a few new holiday mugs that you can check out if you click on the Etsy picture below.

I also wrote a bit, did the dishes, cleaned the apartment and went to the flea market on Sunday since my body thought it would be hilarious to wake up at 7am on a Sunday. It was worth it though since I ended up finding the Styx record my dad has had me on the hunt for, for about a month. I also scored a Springsteen Live box set with 5 LPs. I listened to it last night and it’s what I imagine heaven will sound like when I try to convince Jesus to let me in through the pearly gates.