So Many Mugs


I have 5 minutes to write this post this morning so it’s going to be short and sweet. Why in such a rush Sarah? Well it’s because I packaged 10 mugs to be shipped off on this fine morning. That means quite a few new households will have a cup with my handwriting on it. Thank you Etsy.

I’m so excited for the weekend. I plan on holing myself up and crafting, writing, listening to music, watching Breaking Bad and only going into the outside world to get a juice or do yoga. Other than that, it’s me, my computer and my notebook all weekend.

There are two projects I’m currently looking into. One is chalkboard painting a larger frame that I would turn into a message board for the apartment, the other is a much larger board of wood that would hold the 20+ mugs my roommate and I have combined. I’m not quite sure how I would pull off the coffee mug project but I’ll continue to brainstorm to see what I can do. TGIF and have a lovely weekend.


Coffee mugs

Leather Journal


When I do any sort of creative writing, I love to handwrite. It makes me feel more connected to what I’m doing because I can have it on a piece of paper. It isn’t just me typing away on a computer, it feels more solid. With the amount of time we all spend on computers on a daily basis, it has lost the special quality of writing. We type and type and type away. But when you handwrite something now, it feels special because it’s unique. It’s your own style of expressing something. Your handwriting, your words.

photo 1

A few weeks back I found an Etsy shop that makes leather journals and immediately fell in love. The girl who makes them is based out of England and was one of the sweetest people to work with. She let me custom choose the size and amount of pages in my journal as we messaged back and forth for about a week until I settled on exactly what I wanted. It arrived safe and sound from over the Atlantic and is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

I wanted something that made me want to write. Something that made me want to fill up the pages with pretty words and stories and poems. And I think this is exactly it. It’s beautifully made with real leather and blank pages that are dying to be told stories.

You can find the journals here from Louise at Dearest Jackdaw.

photo 2

Flower Crowns


I’ve finally decided to expand my Etsy shop a little bit. I know, it’s a big moment. Sarah is actually branching out. Deep breath. Inhale, exhale. I can do this.

The new product is…..

Flower Crowns. Obviously.

I know what you’re thinking. “She really should have done this before Coachella.” Yes I am aware that I should have but the idea first hit me while I was mourning not being at Coachella. I used the crowns as a coping mechanism.

There are a lot of things in my life I should have done. Like not dropped my phone in the toilet or not eaten at the sushi place that makes me feel sick or not put a metal thermos with a rubber bottom in the microwave. But unfortunately I did all of those things anyways.

If you want, you can by my flower crowns if you click here. Or even here. Or wait….


Or you can even click on this pretty picture collage and it will take you to my shop.

Flower crown

I’m still selling mugs too if anyone wants one of those. I’m even letting taking requests for custom mugs. Fancy right?

Thank you Etsy for changing the financial aspect of my life. I’m sure the Wells Fargo Credit Card man appreciates it too.