TwentySeven Things: February 2014


I can’t believe February is already over – did it even happen? It feels like it flew by. It’s rainy and cold and overcast over here in LA instead of our usual 70 degree sunshine. To compensate for the depressing weather I will be drinking tea all day, wearing boots and cuddling up in my sweater to try and heighten my mood. (My mood is severely affected by the weather, that’s what I get for being a Cali kid my entire life.) Here are my TwentySeven Things for February.

  1. I let my Baby Jetta go. One of my longest relationships (7 years) and now she has been set free. She will always be a part of my story, especially the early years when I was figuring out who I wanted to be.
  2. In letting Baby Jetta go, I have a new love – my Ford Escape, Charlie. Like Baby Jetta, Charlie will also be a part of my story except she will be the car I have where I become who I want to be.
  3. My brother came to visit for 4 days this month and we had the best time evaaaa.
  4. I was sorted by the Hogwarts sorting hat into Gryffindor. (BEST DAY OF MY LIFE)
  5. I also got to take a picture on the Central Perk couch and NERDED OUT.
  6. I went and saw a mini Sara Bareilles concert at Jimmy Kimmel. We danced in the rain and sang about how to be Brave. It was pretty amazing.
  7. I went back into the vault and found (yet again) new appreciation for NSYNC’s Greatest Hits i.e. Just Got Paid (which I now blast on my way to work every pay day) and Digital Get Down (still somewhat relevant?)
  8. The Olympics happened this month. I was so sad when my little favorite Gracie Gold didn’t medal. But it’s okay she can come back in 4 years and win America over again with her adorableness. And maybe get a medal too.
  9. Also in regards to the Olympics, one day at work I spent 2 hours looking through all of the athlete profiles and played Hot or Not. Let me tell you, Norway brought their A game this year. Congrats Norway.
  10. The Superbowl was this month. I celebrated with bottomless mimosas and doing the Jonah Hill/Leo DiCaprio “are we flying Rose?” pose with one of my friends in the middle of a Santa Monica street.
  11. I have fully embraced the scunchie. I will be here when they become trendy again but let it be said that I EMBRACED IT LONG BEFORE THE TREND CAME BACK.
  12. I went on a Sunday afternoon walk/hike to a secret Hollywood Hills park with my best friend. It was very peaceful and zen.
  13. I hippy-fied my room even more with hand made earring and necklace holders. They are now on the wall next to my Fleetwood Mac poster.
  14. Girl Scout cookie season is here. I tried staying away for as long as I could but I have finally caved. I downloaded the cookie tracker app and am going to buy some this weekend. MY WHITE FLAG IS WAVING.
  15. Fit February went to complete shit 8 days in. That’s all I have to say about that.
  16. Spring Training for baseball is finally back! I got my first MLB Giants update sent to my phone yesterday and made an audible squealing noise when I saw the notification.
  17. I am totally and insanely obsessed with Hart of Dixie. I am finally on Season 2 now and can’t stop watching even though it’s actually a horrible show.
  18. I went to the Demi Lovato, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony show this month. Which for me, was really all about Little Mix since I love them so much. I DANCED MY ASS OFF.
  19. Also at the Demi concert, I was not prepared for Nick Jonas to come on stage and sing with her. Also unexpected, 16-year-old Sarah to come out and start screaming her face off. Apparently I still harbor deep love for Nick Jonas after all these years.
  20. I finished two books this month – The Interestings and The Fault in Our Stars. Both were very very good. The Interestings was very inspiring and gave me a lot of perspective. The Fault in Our Stars I devoured in four hours and cried three times. It was incredible.
  21. I watched The Brits live from my cubicle two weeks ago and loved them. The British always know how to throw a good party aka give everyone shitloads of booze.
  22. From the Brits I fell in love with a new artist – Sam Smith. I’ve listened to his song Latch about 50 times in the past few days. I seriously cannot get enough of it. Also, Money on My Mind is amazing.
  23. I had Valentines dinner with my best girl friends at the Ray & Stark Bar at LACMA. We had a lovely 3 course meal that we didn’t know was not an option to not order but it was still so fun and we laughed and made all the couples in the restaurant a tad bit uncomfortable.
  24. Also regarding Valentines Day, my friends thought it would be funny to take pictures of me sitting alone in the restaurant before they showed up so that’s exactly what they did. Thanks ladiez.
  25. One more Valentines day – my parents sent me a beautiful bouquet of Gerber Daisies, my favorite flower.
  26. I’m back on my yoga game and feeling super strong like I could punch something and maybe not fall backwards because of the force.
  27. I’m so looking forward to March. January and February always have a weird air to them for me, maybe it’s the weather. I’m ready for Daylight Savings Time and to slowly inch closer to spring.

Tea Maps

Spotify: February 2014


I realized I didn’t do a Spotify playlist for January, so this is more of a combined playlist for January/February. I just started listening to the Emeli Sande album yesterday afternoon and I am obsessed. Her voice is flawless and her lyrics paint the most wonderful pictures. Also up on the playlist, “Let It Go” from the incredible Frozen soundtrack. I mean come on, it’s Idina Menzel, how do you NOT have that on a continuous playlist for life in general.

Favorite Song of the Moment: Suitcase – Emeli Sande, Let It Go – Idina Menzel

Songs to Dance to: Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo, Pompeii – Bastille, We Are Tonight – Billy Currington

Songs to Cry to: Burning Bridges – OneRepublic, If I Knew – Bruno Mars, Suitcase – Emeli Sande