Happy Birthday Jarod


16 years ago today, I lost my playroom. Backstory: I was an only child for the first 5 and a half years of my life. I had my normal room with my bed, dresser and some toys and then across the hall was my play room aka the motherland. It was a good time in my life.

Then on January 24, 1997 my baby brother was born. I remember sitting in the waiting room with my grandma and asking, “So is he here yet?” Now he has gone from little baby to little boy to regular boy to what I now refer to as a man-child considering he has grown about 7 inches in the past 2 years.  Another fun fact? We look like twins which is often found to be hilarious.

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of what to write about my little brother. He’s handsome, insanely smart, athletic and has one of the greatest hearts I’ve ever seen in a human being. He genuinely cares about others and their well beings and shows the maturity I would expect in a 20 something year old male. But really what I’m trying to say just comes down to one simple sentence.

My baby brother is the single most important person in my life.

Happy Birthday Jarod, J-rod, Gunnysack Boy, I love you more than I could ever say and I am so glad you came into the world 16 years ago. Thank you for everything you give me, every single day. Whether that’s a stupid text you send me to make me laugh or Facetimeing me to talk in weird creepy voices or just calling to catch up. I love you bro bro.