Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you are all at home with your family eating your body weight in delicious food and having lovely holiday cocktails and opening presents from Santa. This year Santa brought me the new yoga mat I’ve been drooling over for the past few months along with new pair of beautiful brown boots. Along with those gifts, my parents surprised my brother and I with a two day trip to San Francisco tomorrow and Friday so I’ll be out in the city shopping, eating and exploring.

Here’s my Spotify Christmas playlist, kicking off with none other than the divalicious Mariah Carey and ending with the entire Michael Buble Christmas album because DUH IT’S BUBLE HE HAS THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL DON’T YOU DARE EVER SKIP ONE OF HIS CHRISTMAS TRACKS.

And here are a few Christmas pictures from the past few days, from my Christmas household to yours. We have a lot to be grateful for this year, go kiss some babies and eat some tamales. (I’ve already done both.)






Christmas morning mimosas

NorCal, I Missed You


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

It’s only been a few weeks since I was home for Thanksgiving but it felt like a lifetime. I am so so so so so so happy to be home for an entire week with my family. This past weekend I already watched one pay-per-view movie with my brother, napped on the couch with my cat, ate home-made enchiladas and shopped at Santana Row.

But the best part of being home so far? We figured out how to make tea in the Keurig without the little coffee grounds ending up in my tea. SUCH A WIN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE STRUGGLE THAT WAS THANKSGIVING. HONESTLY THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Home is where I feel most comfortable. Where I can wear sweats and a giant sweatshirt and no makeup for days on end and have everyone tease me endlessly but I love it and hit them back even harder with my remarks. That’s what home is to me. I type this as I’m sat on the couch bundled up in a blanket with a cup of tea next to me and Talladega Nights is playing on TV. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Here are some pretty pictures for your Monday.





One More Day


Today is my last day of work before I get to go back to the homeland and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been counting down since Thanksgiving and tomorrow morning can’t come soon enough. I will wake up early, load my car down with the laundry that hasn’t been done in 3 and a half weeks, get my Starbucks chai latte and hit the road. My tasks tonight involve packing the rest of my things such as painting supplies, gifts for my family, making 3 to 4 amazing new mixed CDs (so 2000s of me I know) and the finding the multitude of charging chords for my electronics.

Here are a few things I’m looking forward to doing when I’m home.

  1. Making tamales with my mama.
  2. Buying an obscene amount of pay-per-view movies with my brother.
  3. Snuggling with my cat on the couch with a cup of tea.
  4. Taking early morning walks with my dad.
  5. Wrapping all the gifts I bought (and the gifts I didn’t buy because my dad sucks at wrapping presents so he locks me in a room until I wrap all of his for him.)
  6. Watching Love Actually one, three, seven, eighteen times.
  7. Opening presents on Christmas morning and seeing the pictures that come out of it. We all tend to look like hell but the pictures are even more amazing for that exact reason.
  8. Singing so loudly throughout the house that my brother finally screams at me to shut up. Or he’ll just punch me in the arm.
  9. Going up to San Fran at least once. Maybe getting some shopping done along the way.
  10. Going to the movies on Christmas Day (a family tradition.) I think this year we’re going to end up seeing Anchorman 2. RON BURGUNDY IS BACK.
  11. Just being home. I’m so excited just to be home and be a bum and wear no make up and be gross and hang out with my family. Because they have to love me no matter what.