Post-Turkey Day


I finally got back to my apartment around 11pm last night after (barely) surviving the zoo that was LAX. I don’t think I will fly into LAX at the end of the biggest travel holiday weekend ever again – it was madness. To my poor friends who picked me up, you are angels and I will buy you the best Christmas presents ever.

I went home for Thanksgiving holiday and left the house a total of five times. Four of those times were to go on early morning walks with my dad, the only other time I left was to go shopping on Black Friday. I scored a few things from Banana Republic and an AMAZING pair of boots that was over 50% off from Aldo.

The rest of my time at home was spent hanging out with my family, watching movies (we did damage on movies – We’re The Millers, Grown Ups 2, 13 Going On 30, Delivery Man, The Heat and The Internship), getting the Christmas tree, decorating the Christmas tree, arguing over the lights on the Christmas tree, playing Scrabble (I won), taking naps with my cat and eating eating eating eating eating. I’m pretty sure I ate Thanksgiving six times over four days (and a lot of pieces of pie), I really need to detox this week.

I love being home, the hardest part is always leaving. But I will be back for Christmas in three short weeks and I know that time in between is going to fly by. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past few days.


Santa Bella


Morning Walk


Thanksgiving Bella nap



Leaving on a Jet Plane.


This weekend I’m headed home for a wedding that I’m sure is going to look straight out of Pinterest and be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’m off on a jet plane tonight for my lengthy flight that is all of one hour to get from Southern to Northern California, thank you Southwest. Here are a few links that I’ve been showing some love the past week.


Hanging Out With Jesus & Babies


I had a lovely 3 day weekend back in the homeland. Friday we celebrated my brothers confirmation and his newly strengthened relationship with the big JC. We went out to dinner at Jardines afterwards and I gorged myself on the delicious Mexican food I’ve been deprived of in LA. Congratulations little bro bro.

14 hours later I found myself back at Jardines  for a baby shower where I yet again gorged myself on Mexican food. And apricot margaritas. You haven’t lived until you’ve had an apricot margarita. My cousin is having twin baby boys in a few months and we celebrated the new additions to the family with a cowboy themed party. My job was to play DJ so I made a Spotify playlist made up of 140 country songs. I think I was born to make playlists. I kind of killed it.

Sunday I went over to another cousin’s house, bit the bullet and cut my bangs. I was on the fence about them all day yesterday but I think I finally decided I like them, it’s just going to take some getting used to. I have quite a few nervous habits that have to do with my hair so it’s going to take a lot of self-restraint to not do them and mess up my bangs every 10 minutes. Here’s a lit of a few other things that happened this weekend.


  • I drove all the way home and managed to show up at the wrong church. Of course.
  • We hadn’t even left the house for the baby shower on Saturday and there was already a cake crisis.
  • My mom accidentally punched me in the rib cage while tying off raffia on a mason jar.
  • My baby cousin had a “made in Mexico” sticker stuck in her hair. And we didn’t even do it on purpose.
  • I left my perfume at my apartment in LA so I had to settle for a different kind I used to use in 2006. I smelled like high school.
  • I finally introduced my little brother to Anchorman. “Como estan bitches.”
  • I ate more Mexican food over the weekend than I have in the past 3 months in LA. It was glorious and I regret nothing.
  • For the baby game where you cut a piece of string to try and guess how big the mom-to-be actually is, I cut mine really really really long just to tease my cousin. Her reaction as I wrapped the string around her belly and kept going and going and going was just, “Really Sarah, really….really.” I love you Heather.

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