Love Letter: Honey Nut Cheerios


Dear Honey Nut Cheerios,

I’ve loved you since before I remember. My dad always enjoyed you for breakfast and the occasional dinner when I was growing up. Since then, he has passed on his love of HNC to me where I have gladly accepted and grown my own love. You’re different from regular Cheerios. You’re sweeter and much more delicious (no offense but yes actually offense to regular Cheerios because WHY would you even go there when you have Honey Nut).

You’re always there for me in the mornings (minus the times when I run out and have to turn to oatmeal, talk about second best) and I look forward to our alone time everyday around 7:45am. I used to think that non-fat milk was your soulmate……until I met soy milk and started forcing the affair on you. But non-fat understood and now you’re in a much happier and stable relationship with soy. She’s a keeper.

Back to you HNC, I really do love you. I even follow in dad’s footsteps sometimes and eat you for dinner. You’re a constant in my daily life and I hope we can continue this love affair long into my old age.

All my love,