I Have Returned (On A Hump Day)


Helloooooo little Internet space. I’ve missed you. The past two days I’ve been trying to get back on track with life so I haven’t been around here much but I’m baaaaaack.. I also realized I haven’t done a hump day list in quite some time so without further ado…

  • I’m in love with Charlie. Charlie my new Ford Escape. She is amazing and I finally was able to sync my iPhone with the bluetooth and the heavens have opened up and shown me things I never knew were possible like speaking which song I want to play next it’s INSANE.
  • The Bachelor is almost finally over. I’ve totally lost interest minus the fact that I’m in a pool with my co-workers and still have a chance of winning. If Clare wins the whole thing, then so do I. Fingers crossed for the crazy chick.
  • Fit February has gone to shit for the most part. BUT I am trying very hard to get back into my yoga routine if for nothing else, than to get rid of my crazy dreams. If I don’t go to yoga, my mind likes to run off and create insane scenarios while I’m asleep. Last week included one of my best friends from high school that I haven’t spoken to in 5 years and waiting in line to meet a llama. A llama.
  • I have a new television obsession but am very ashamed to admit it. However, when I told my co-workers, 3 of them came forward and told me that they too watch the show. It’s one of those it’s so bad it’s good shows. It’s Hart of Dixie on the CW. I CANNOT stop watching. I’m almost done with season 1 and it’s only been 4 days. But I just LOVE it for some awful reason. #TeamWade

Here is my new obsession music-wise. His name is Sam Smith and he is from the UK and I’ve listened to the acoustic version of Latch nearly 37 times just yesterday.

Here are some Pinterest photos that I’ve enjoyed looking at from the stale white walls of my cubicle. Happy Hump Day.

Feathers Cat paint&arrowIndiaDisposition

Pay Day


I look forward to the 15th and 30/31st of every month because it’s PAY DAY. Those mornings when I wake up and log into my bank account I have about three minutes of sheer joy. I feel like I’m Beyonce flying over St. Barts in my private jet, high over the peasants because I’m so rich.

After three minutes that joy turns to ultimate sadness when I have to start moving my money around to pay bills. And thus my happiness has ended and I am plunged back into my 20-something reality.

Today I woke up, realized I didn’t want to be awake, decided I could make it work one more day without washing my hair and promptly got back into bed. Wednesdays, man. Always Wednesdays.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shoe storage. I found one online last night but they were going to make me pay a shitpile of money for delivery services so I said no way bro, KEEP YOUR STUPID SHOE STORAGE. The search continues.

Happy Hump Day.

The Illness Is Gone


Today I woke up feeling like a brand new, non-ill person. There was no blog post yesterday because I was busy sleeping, watching movies, reading and only getting out of bed to answer the door for the delivery man who brought me my lunch.

Things I accomplished while sick

  • Watching Gravity. Which I advise no one to do alone and at 11am. It was terrifying and nothing like the Zenon-like space adventure I was expecting. (Sandra was phenomenal though.)
  • Watching Up In The Air. Also depressing and triggered the chain of events that would be referred to as “Sarah contemplating her life’s choices while ill and only being able to breathe out of one nostril.”
  • Nearly finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed. The book is amazing, a true testament of strength in a 20-something woman on her journey to find herself after tragedy takes over her life.
  • Ordered $20 worth of food just so they would delivery to my house. On the upside, the food lasted for yesterday’s lunch and dinner as well as today’s lunch. So three meals isn’t too bad for being a lazy ass who refused to leave the house.
  • Napped. I napped for two hours and it was wonderful.

And that’s about it. I’m planning on going to the Rose Bowl flea market this weekend to hopefully score some last few pieces for my bedroom revamp project  – that’s the motivation for getting through the week. “Just a few more days Sarah and you can go to your favorite Sunday place.” Probably get a few new vinyls too – literally my favorite Sunday activity.

Here are some pictures for your Hump Day and obviously, this.

Shoes in crates Reading room Pink bottles