We Can Survive


Tonight I’m going to a concert and my money for this concert goes to the Young Survival Coalition, an organization that helps young women fighting breast cancer.

The show’s lineup is unbeatable. It’s all female and combined makes a total music powerhouse – Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Sara Bareilles, Tegan & Sara, Kacey Musgraves and Bonnie McKee. I have so much love for each of these artists individually (it’s kind of my dream lineup), but more than anything I’m excited that my money for the show is going to help young women who are fighting breast cancer.

Here’s my playlist for the show tonight. You can also find out more about YSL or donate by clicking on the picture of Katy below. #WeCanSurvive



Kacey Musgraves – Same Trailer Different Park


Kacey musgraves

I have a new obsession. Her name is Kacey Musgraves. I heard her a few times on XM radio a while back and didn’t really think anything of it. Just another country artist. But as I heard her more and more I decided to check her out. She’s 24, was on that show no one remembers called Nashville Star and has co-written for Miranda Lambert. She’s also one of the best lyricists I’ve heard in a long time. Very quick, witty and simple, she talks about small town lifestyle as a fellow generation Y-er.

The opening line of the first single “Merry Go Round” is “if you don’t have two kids by 21 you’re probably gonna die alone. At least that’s what tradition told you.” It’s kind of a sucker punch to the gut for anyone who grew up in a small town. A lot of the people who stayed home did just what she said; they stayed home, got married and had babies. Others left and are trying to chase things and make things work in other places. I happened to choose the latter.

She doesn’t have the best voice but I don’t even care. The lyrics bite so hard that it doesn’t even matter. Very honest, blunt and real throughout every song. I think Kacey is going to give these other sugar coated country artists a run for their money in the upcoming months.

Same Trailer Different Park (Mercury Nashville, 2013)

Singles: Merry Go Round, Blowin’ Smoke

Songs to dance to: Follow Your Arrow, Back On The Map, Step Off, My House, Stupid

Songs to cry to: I Miss You, Keep It To Yourself, It Is What It Is

Sarah’s Favorites: Merry Go Round, Follow Your Arrow, Keep It To Yourself, Silver Lining

Fun Facts: Kacey co-wrote Miranda Lamberts current single “Mama’s Broken Heart,” she placed 7th on Nashville Star in 2007 and she’s released 3 albums independently prior to this one.