One Direction – Take Me Home


Before you judge me, let me start with the disclosure that I have found the last One Direction record to be an amazing soundtrack to work out to (and I think they are adorably British). That being said, I had very high hopes for a few new infectious pop up tempo songs to be on this new record. (Side note: I went to their Ellen taping last week along with 5,000 others, mostly female, mostly under the age of 16. I am now convinced Harry Styles and I would make beautiful babies with glorious manes of hair).

Live While We’re Young was the first single released at the end of September. After the first few listens on radio, I came to the conclusion that it is 3 minutes and 20 seconds of boy band harmonies asking for a one night stand. SCANDALOUS. But they are all of legal age, so ladies and gents, day dream away.

The rest of this highly anticipated boy band album features 13 other tracks (17 if you splurge for the bonus edition #guilty) that are good for reminiscing about teenage relationships and dancing in your living room with wine. But nothing completely life altering unless you’re hammered at 3am and listen to Over Again or I Would.

Singles: Live While We’re Young, Little Things (written by Ed Sheeran)

Sarah’s Top 5: Live While We’re Young, Little Things, C’mon C’mon, Heart Attack, Over Again. Honorable Mentions: I Would, She’s Not Afraid

Fun Facts: 1) This album went up for presale on iTunes a month before release with only the title and cover. No tracklisting, nothing. Yet it still was selling like wildfire. The power of boy bands. 2) Ed Sheeran wrote 2 songs on this album (Little Things, Over Again). 3) The 5 boys co-wrote 3 songs on the album (Last First Kiss, Back For You, Summer Love).

Go watch the video for Live While We’re Young and try not to smile and dance as you watch their adorable faces with flawless skin.