Love Letter: I Got A New Toy



A few weeks ago my mama surprised me with one of the best presents I’ve ever received. A brand new (to me) but old (to the world) TYPEWRITER. Yes an actual typewriter that types on a physical paper in front of you without a computer screen. CRAY-ZAY AMIRIGHT???

I am so in love with it it might be kind of weird. I’ve spent the past few nights doing nothing but typing up poems and letters on my new toy and being mesmerized by the click click click of the letters. My nerd out is full force.

One of my best friends was over the other night and asked me what it was about older things that I loved so much. My record player, typewriter, polaroid cameras, vinyls, basically everything having go do with my obsession of living in the 60s and 70s. I thought about it for a bit (and also remembered something that my beloved Taylor Swift said recently) and realized that I loved theĀ tangibility of all of these things. The fact that I can hold a vinyl record or a polaroid photo or a piece of paper from the typewriter in my hand and have it physically with me is what I love about them all. I love that listening to a vinyl record is an experience that the listener participates in by having to physically flip the record over to listen to the second half of an album. I love that as soon as you take a polaroid picture, you have the physical result of it in your hand. I love that when I type on my typewriter I see it happening in real time.

Being surrounded by technology and computers all the time takes away the thoughtful aspect of a lot of things in our lives. Sitting at the new craft desk in my apartment and typing up letters gave me the biggest feeling of pride and love knowing that my loved ones will be receiving letters that I took the time to type up. Anyone can send a text or email but those messages are such a part of our everyday life that we are almost immune to them. Getting a letter in the mail is something of a treat, and I can’t wait to send out a bunch of little treats over the next few weeks. (I still haven’t quite mastered the typewriter so if you are one of the people getting a letter from me, I apologize for the typos. Oops.)

PS the poem in the below photo is one of my favorite poems of all time. I’ve also talked about it once before.


Love Letter: The Inbetweeners


British humor is very different from American humor. When I first started watching the Inbetweeners it was a bit of a shock, then I quickly fell in love (if you couldn’t guess, Jay is by far my favorite). It’s crude, blunt and in your face – I love it.

I’ve watched each season multiple times and just re-watched the gem of a movie this weekend. They never fail to make me smile and laugh in an empty apartment by myself. Here are a few of my favorite moments.

I’m still waiting for the day when I can bust out the dance at a club.

Love Letter: Baked Snap Peas


I am in no way, shape or form a vegetable person. I eat a salad almost every day at lunch but it is not without making faces. When someone tries to feed me vegetables with dinner, I turn into a 12-year-old. I can eat fruit all day long but for some reason, vegetables are just not my thing.

I know these don’t even really count as vegetables but I’m counting them anyways because they are technically snap peas. AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS. So delicious, that while sitting in traffic coming home from the grocery store on Tuesday, I ate an entire bag. Sorry not sorry.

These little magical snap peas are actually baked and have salt on them which make them more of a crunchy, salty snack than anything. If you’ve ever had veggie chips, that’s basically what they are. Which makes me feel much less guilty about eating them since they are, at their core, still veggies.

Thank you, creator of these delicious little snap peas. You have made my days much better when I need a snack and crave something salty. You are also helping me get my daily dose of vegetables in because as a 22-year-old adult, I still can’t manage to eat green things without making the face of a child. My mom probably thanks you too.

Snap Peas