2013 End Of Year


It’s way past overdue that this little blog baby gets a facelift, and why not do it to ring in the new year?

I hope it’s still somewhat easy to read with the new format, I looked at a lot of different layouts (approximately 23 minutes worth of looking, THAT IS A LONG TIME) and finally decided on this one. I also caved and spent a little bit of extra money so I could customize fonts and colors and all those little annoying details that have been driving me up the wall for going on fourteen months now. It’s finally happening people, I’m finally going that extra mile. Fourteen months later.

Tomorrow marks the start of 2014. That’s “twenty fourteen” or “two thousand fourteen” or “how the fuck did another year go by.” I read something crazy online the other day that said we are now closer to 2017 than we are to 2007. It absolutely blew my mind. TWO THOUSAND AND SEVENTEEN?? 2007 seems like it was just a few weeks ago and 2017 seems completely unattainable. I don’t want to sound like an 87 year old grandma, but time truly does fly.

Looking back at my year, I did a lot of things. I made a small list (because you know I couldn’t resist – and that rhymed – I’m hilarious I know) of some of my favorite moments from the past twelve months and also compiled some of my favorite pictures. Here’s to a bright and shiny new year where possibilities roam endlessly, dreams grow higher and love knows no bounds.

  • I officially graduated college. Meaning I walked in the ceremony where they gave me my empty case for my very expensive piece of paper – I mean my college degree.
  • I got a job. A big girl job. A job where I work 9 to 5 like Dolly Parton told me to.
  • My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and reminded me that it is actually possible to love and put up with someone for three decades.
  • I went to New York to visit one of my best friends and had one of the best 4 day weekends of my life.
  • I also sent off another one of my best friends as she embarked on the next chapter of her life in Australia.
  • I moved in with yet another one of my best friends. It’s been nothing short of awesome.
  • I saw Stevie Nicks (THE STEVIE NICKS) and Fleetwood Mac – one of my heroes and my favorite band – live at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the greatest show of my life. Seriously, the greatest live show I’ve ever ever ever seen. Living legends.
  • I turned 22. And still continue to sing the Taylor Swift song every chance I get.
  • I think most importantly out of the whole entire year, I learned a lot about myself which is actually the most important thing a young 20-something can do. We all have to figure out how to who we are and what we’re made of and then we can figure out how we can change the world – maybe even in 2014.

EOY 2013