30 Years


M&D Wedding photo

Today is my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty whole years. With the same person. That means through good things, bad things, weird things, happy things, sad things, bad smelling things, exciting things, adventurous things, unexpected things and amazing things you have that one person with you for it all.

They’ve lasted through two kids, two houses, a few cars, thousands of sporting events, one dog, seven/eightish cats and a lot of other things I probably don’t even know about. They’re the best role models I have for a successful relationship because they’re still in love and making it work thirty years later (thirty four-ish if you count dating.)

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. You guys are pretty awesome. Jarod and I love you quite a lot. Thanks for showing us that being stuck with one person for your entire life isn’t so bad after all.

M&D Cadillac