Music Taste


Last night I Facetimed my brother and we started talking about musical taste and age appropriateness. I realized I have never directly addressed this topic on my blog and that I should, because this is my little space of Internet to say whatever I please. Plus after I finished talking about it, my brother said “you just word vomited all over me, you should make that into a blog.” So that happened as well.

Here’s what I think. I think every piece of music has some sort of function in the world, even if you don’t particularly like it. Someone, somewhere, listened to that song and laughed or cried or cringed or danced but regardless, it made themĀ feel something. And to whoever wrote that masterpiece/train wreck of a song, it was a way for them to express themselves.

The other side of this coin is the term everyone loves to use called “age appropriateness” or another one I love “guilty pleasure.” Bottom line here, you like what you like. Whether that is Celine Dion, One Direction, Michael Bolton, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Ed Sheeran or Jay-Z, who cares. You like what you like and no one should criticize you for that. So what if Celine Dion is singing these crazy love ballads that everyone attempts to recreate at karaoke at 2am, YOU KNOW you love her and sing those songs when you’re alone in your apartment. Otherwise how else would you know all the lyrics already? And don’t even try and say it’s from the radio – because it’s not. So what if you love a boy band from England who only has one member who can legally drink in the USA? If they make you happy and get you up and dancing around and screaming like a fangirl, then that is fantastic. At least you’re happy and having a good time. And isn’t that the point of music? To let you escape for a little bit?

No one should ever be condemned for having a “guilty pleasure.” In fact, it shouldn’t even have to be called that. It should just be something that you enjoy listening to and shouldn’t have to be ashamed of. That’s one thing I love about teenage girls, they still love shamelessly. When they find something they are passionate about, they go harder than any natural force could have ever predicted. Their love for their favorite things is pure and unwavering and you better move aside when they come into town because they will barrel through you full steam ahead.

That’s how we should all be able to be – we should be able to love shamelessly and without fear of judgment. I’ve said this 4 times already, but you love what you love and no one should ever criticize you for feeling emotions of any kind.

Rock on music lovers. Go ahead, go put on that Cher song you’ve been thinking of this entire time. It’s okay, go dance it out and sing into your hairbrush.